About Us

Earmass.com is a 100 percent honest and independant audio review site that work together with various manufacturer ranging from audio cables, Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), Digital Audio Player (DAP), Headphone Amplifiers, Streaming services, Headphones/In-Ear-Monitoring(IEM), sometimes we do reviewed speaker system too but that is quite rare. We are more into music and headphone system.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, we are working together with Tidal and we are into Music section alongside with audio equipment review, we will be starting to do some music recommendation, making us not only just enthusiast that focused on equipment, for us music is the most important factor, that is why we are into this whole scene of audiophiles.

We are regret that our English grammar is far from perfect, if you are curious we are from Malaysia (Multi culture and race country), English is not our first language, not even our second, third or fourth, so we really wished that our readers can forgive us in regarding of this, but there is not excuses for us to stop learning English grammar.

You are free to talk in our website, we love to interact with our readers, if you like Earmass.com too, do like us on our Facebook Page. All the best!



Managing Director


7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Su,

    Came across your blog by accident, and glad I did. Enjoy your reviews. I have a audio/music blog myself. Hope you can check it out.


    Regards, Paul

    • Hi Paul, good site you have!

      Recommend good music is something that I plan to do long times ago, will visit your site more frequent!

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