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Lypertek Tevi : Audiophile’s Choice

2019_1229_16310700Thanks, Stars Picker Audio Library, they know that I am keen to review True Wireless IEM lately and he told me that recently they just have the Lypertek Tevi in-store, to be frank, I have never heard of this brand before but they told me they are quite well known in the audiophile world recently, upon some research immediately request one loaner unit for reviewing purpose.

If you are like me, never heard Lypertek before, it is a Chinese audio company, I can’t find another TWS in their product lineup which indicated that Tevi might be their first TWS, if it is so I am quite impressed with what they have accomplished here, we will go to sound quality later but reading the technical specification of Tevi, it is remarkably impressive.


Lypertek Tevi (102 USD)

-6mm Graphene Driver

-Bluetooth 5.0, support aptX, AAC and SBC (no LDAC though but forgivable for the price)

-10 hours of battery life on the earbud, and the charging case contain 6 times full charges (total of 70 hours of battery life, damn! This is downright impressive!)

-IPX7 waterproofing, means, if you want, you can take shower with it! Most of the so-called premium manufacturers still stick with IPX4 and IPX5, impressive!

-Qualcomm 3020 chipset

-Type C connection!

-CVC 8.0 Noise Canceling Microphone

-Press to control, not touch type (I prefer touch type as press type will cause discomfort to your ears, actually I prefer press type but the button put at upside or downside of the earbud, so you don’t press them into your ears and caused discomfort, but no big deal)

-102USD only!!!!

 The price, battery life, and waterproofing is what catches my attention at the first place, this is really impressive, at any price, even the Sennheiser Momentum TWS that we have just reviewed didn’t spec so nice, the charging case is quite well built, has the similar fabric-covered texture on the casing, which looks way nicer than the price suggested, to be fair the casing is not made by premium material but it is well built enough and I certainly have nothing to complain regarding the build quality, the closing lid is not as solid as I would like but given some much more highly-priced TWS also has this issue I will just stop whining.


The earbud itself while constructed by plastic is not necessarily a bad thing. It is light and rigid enough, I will not worry a bit on the build quality, because of the lightweight construction (but well made), it is quite comfortable in my ears and sealed outside noise efficiently, the control though while good, is not perfect, I found that the little button on both of the earbud is not tactile enough for you to feel how many times you have pressed it, sometimes I operate it wrongly it but it is not something I can’t tolerate, to be fair I have fairly big thumb as well, I will much appreciate if Lypertek put the control button at the top or bottom of the earbud, press the little button will act like pushing the earbud deeper into your ears, for now, it is quite disturbing but still tolerable. Hissing can be heard in the background, on quite a track like ‘Speak to me’ – Pink Floyd, you can listen to it clearly.


Audio Quality

I have paired the Lypertek Tevi with Huawei Mate 20, through aptX, streaming Tidal Premium and Spotify Premium.

The sound signature is so much different than the TWS that I have tried. Most of the TWS that I have tried has significantly boosted the bass (well, except QCY T1 and Hifiman TWS600, which literally super bass light), Tevi is the first that I have tried to have what we say ‘audiophile’ amount of bass. The bass is not bloated here, while it has good present and decay, it definitely is what bass head will call bass light. The bass is fast, clean and lean. The bass should have to go deeper, punchier and has more body but it is decent enough, listening to Change the world/ My father’s eyes by Eric Clapton, the bass never intrude midrange and this gives a clean and fast impression to the sound, there is rolled off of the sub-bass to be fair, however, I have never found the bass is lacking by any mean.

Midrange is pretty good, closer a bit to ears and has some minor elevation on upper midrange, which make the midrange livelier and vivid, the elevation has been nicely done and I will say the midrange is natural enough and no sense of sibilant nor any shrillness to it, the midrange, especially the vocal performance is quite good and sounded open, there is no sense of congestion to the midrange, while I believe it should have more body to it, it is the best that I have come to in term of TWS, while certainly not poisonous but it can get you immense nicely into the music, not easy for a wireless IEM, let alone TWS. The treble is open and balanced, it might not be that extensive and there is definitely some roll-off at the upper treble, but I will let it passed because it is not congested, listen to something like violin concerto it is still good enough, it is quite good actually for the price despite a little edgy at time.

Sound signature is lean, fast and open sounding. If you prefer more body to the sound then you might not be enjoying it, however, I am not saying that Tevi has a serious problem with the lushness of sound, but it certainly will be more enjoyable if you have a greater body. The sound is mostly neutral and balanced sounding, with good details, while calling it audiophile-grade is going too far, but it is as audiophile you can get in term of pricing and TWS, even the soundstage and imaging are reasonably good, for the price I can’t find serious fault with the sound if there is one weakness that I want to point out, it is the music somehow lacking coherency.


Side note: I found that while turning on the Dolby Atmos on my Huawei Mate 20, the Tevi sounded nicer with more body to the sound, and much more engaging while retaining the speed. The bass while still rolling off sub-bass but the bass responded better now, if you are those don’t mind EQing to get better sound quality, I think that there is one more reason for me to recommend the Tevi. This review, however, written with Dolby Atmos ‘off’.


For Sport/Running

This test has been carried out with a real-life road running experience with 7KM road run, sports usage is determined by real-life workout and reviewer personal feelings towards the IEM when using it during sport. Only wireless IEM will be carrying out this test as the reviewer think that Bluetooth IEM is essential for music listening during the workout.

I turned on the Dolby Atmos on my phone for greater bass respond. Greater bass respond is able to keep my run much easier, when turning off the Dolby Atmos, the bass is almost too lean for keep me running if you hate to EQ but want to look for bassy TWS for running purpose you can start to look elsewhere already. After EQing however, the sound is now much weightier and have greater impact from mid-bass, the sub-bass still not much extension but it is good enough for a run I supposed, the midrange and treble has a nicer weight on them too, I have never EQ my headphones, etc as a pure audiophile, but after I discover the wonder of this so-called Dolby Atmos I think why not as long as it sounded more entertaining and enjoyable during the run. However, I need to stress that even with the Dolby Atmos turned on the bass is still slightly lacking for true enjoyment, mostly because the bass has less rumble and decay too fast.

While it is more than acceptable with the sound quality, one problem while using it during running is it exhibit quite noticeable ‘microphonic noise’ while running (traditionally microphonic noise exhibited when cable rubbing with your cloth, I can’t find a better wording to describe the noise so I will just name it ‘microphonic noise’ for the period). I have noticed this issue with other TWS too but I can ignore it with other TWS but not so with the Tevi, this weakness alone pulling me back to wholly recommend it for running, not a problem if you wandered around your city/neighborhood and doing gym activity, but quite annoying when running.

The fit is good though, I never adjust them in my ears during the run, it always stays there and keeps the good seal, you certainly need to have to adjust the angle of it to get the best bass to respond though when you put them on.


No matter how they advertised it, microphone while sending a voice messages using Whatsapp/Wechat apps is shit.


Final Thought

What else can we ask for 102USD? Lypertek Tevi might be gentle on pricing but it is giving its all in terms of features and sound quality. In the review I found that the sound quality easily comparable and even bested those much higher price TWS, while some competitors offer more coherency to the sound, but none sounded as neutral and balanced as Tevi, most of them are not that generous anyway in term of features, the Tevi at another hand, wonderfully spec and everything seems quite well integrated and not really compromised on anything, for the price I don’t know what else can I complain, I can wholly be recommended to you if you are searching for a competent TWS for budget, even if you capable to spend more, I will still strongly recommend you to test the Tevi first, sometimes pricing alone can’t speak it all, to my ears unless you are a bass head, Tevi is exceptional for the money, spending more not necessarily help you get better audio quality and feature for sure, Tevi is as good as what you can get in TWS, regardless the price.

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