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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless : Premium TWS


Momentum True Wireless is audio giant Sennheiser’s answer to the rapid growing TWS market. Lately, we have seen a lot of TWS emerged in this market ranging from budget to the premium, instead of making something for the budget-conscious, Sennheiser aiming for the premium and upper-class range with Momentum TWS, it is easy to see Momentum TWS as a more premium TWS (both looks and price tag) when compared to other TWS, but how is the sound?

*We sincerely thanks Stars Picker Audio Library for loaning us their demo unit, as always review will be constructed with an unbiased and fair manner.


Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless (324USD)

I am impressed by how pretty and well built are the Momentum TWS, the storage case alone is quite premium covered by fabric, flip inside and you will see a beautiful designed IEM lie in it, which has a metal kind of finishing, shiny and flashy with a Sennheiser’s logo on it, it certainly looked quite classy. It is not without complaint though as I found the top lid cover might be too thin and light to make it feel solid enough, and the opening/closing lid mechanism is quite loose, bear in mind though the Momentum TWS that I am having has been heavily used and is a demo unit in Stars Picker Audio Library stores, and it is normal for some people to handle them roughly, so I am not totally blaming the mechanism itself.

Using it is pretty simple although the control need some times to learn but once you are getting used to it it is pretty straightforward, do noted that I said tap/touch here as it is not pressed, which is essential as every time you ‘pressed’ it is quite disturbing and it is deeper and deeper to your ears and likely to affect the comfort level and noisy, but if you are ‘tapping’ it, it is really not a problem at all. Kudos to Sennheiser for embracing the touch mechanism instead of pressing a button.

Momentum TWS turned on automatically every time when you take it out from the charging case and turn off when you put it back. The earpiece will drop securely to the magnetic slots and will start charging. The LED indicators will indicate the power left in the charging case (Green when more than 50 %, yellow when less than 50% and red when empty). Luckily the storage case uses USB type C for charging purposes so we can bring less an extra cable. The claimed battery life of Sennheiser Momentum TWS is 4 hours by the IEM itself and the charging case can hold 2 extra charges. My user experience is a little less than this but my unit is a demo unit that has been used heavily in the audio shop so I can’t comment on this. Music will automatically pause when you take any of the earpieces out from your ears, neat!

The storing case surely will wow people when they see it, it is light enough for you to bring it on the go. I have no problem to put it inside my pocket and it seems like it will not affect the comfort either while running/workout though I left the storage case in my bag.

I found them fit quite nicely in my ears, there is not a single time that I found them coming out from my ears even during running, of course, like every IEM you will need to find the correct ear tip size. The IEM is light enough and while I can feel them in my ears, I have never been disturbed by the weight and in terms of comfort level, they are quite impressive. Noise isolation is excellent as well, I can’t barely hear people talking even if they are near to me, there is a Transparent Hearing mode that allowed you to hear the outside noise when activated through the earpiece or Smart Control apps.


Audio Quality

I have tested the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless with LDAC connection from my Huawei Mate 20, I am not playing with the Sennheiser Smart Control apps to alter the sound and the review here is written based on the default setting, stream through Tidal Hi-Fi and Spotify Premium

I admired how Sennheiser has done with the bass here, the bass is slightly boosted, not a bad thing though, as it sounded quite fun and I enjoy listening Top 100 Chart and Pop music with the Momentum TWS, while the mid to high bass is boosted by a few dB, it is still not what I will be calling as a basshead tuning (the sub and mid bass is not emphasized enough to be justified as true basshead tuning) IEM, the midrange is quite balanced even though behind the bass, it is an expert tuned IEM and in fact, I think a lot of people will not think the bass is boosted if they are not coming from the audiophile background, it can producr good rumbles with thump but to the point that it does not sacrifice much on the midrange, the midrange is balanced and quite flat, lower mid to my ears has some boosted so always has a heavy kind of tonal and not sounded as clean, overall I really have to praise the tuning skill of Sennheiser and a lot of people surely will enjoy the tuning.

While the midrange is not recessed, the treble is. This is one of few things that make me always wanting on the Momentum TWS, the treble is not extended well and making the sound has a little muddiness on the tonal, it is not that bad but always make me behave like whales, coming out of the water but instead of breathing air I breath hardly on transparency and cleanliness, transparency and clarity is definitely lacking although I can understand Sennheiser approach on this, on a positive note you don’t have to play audiophile-grade album to sound good on the Momentum TWS, an averagely recorded album played nicely on it as it doesn’t reveal recording excessively.

I believe Sennheiser intend to make this IEM for the crowd who listening to Top 100 Chart and pop kinds of music, as the IEM is clearly tuned towards this direction, it is not a bad thing at all but for those who buy the Momentum TWS simply thought that it is an HD800/HD600 in a TWS form will be heavily disappointed, when come to sound tuning it is obvious that Sennheiser Momentum TWS is not an audiophile products, it is a mainstream products that will please 90% of music listeners. As result, if you wish to have an expansive soundstaging, pinpoint imaging capability and a crazy amount of detail level at this price point, you will be heavily disappointed, as the Momentum TWS is only performed fair in this regards. I am not trying to defend Sennheiser but Sennheiser clearly is not intended to make an audiophile-grade TWS with Momentum TWS, instead, they want to create a musical and good sounding TWS for the mainstream music listener, if you see the Momentum TWS in this way it is a successful product.

For sport such as running and workout at the gym

This test has been carried out with a real-life on road running scenario with a 7KM run, sports usage is determined by real-life workout and reviewer personal feelings towards the IEM when using it during sport. Only wireless IEM will be carrying out this test as the reviewer think that Bluetooth IEM is essential for music listening during the workout.

The Sennheiser Momentum TWS might not suit the audiophile crowd well, at least to my ears it is quite muddy and the detail level is not enough to be categorized as an audiophile IEM. However, for running/sports purposes, it is a little different. I think there are some very important sound criteria that are essential for listening during workout, the IEM should sound engaging, speedy, dynamic and with a lot of attack, and the detail level is not important at all for workout music, to my ears Momentum Wireless has some boosted bass that suit the workout music nicely. The bass that I want here is not the totally bloated bass that is bleeding into the midrange severely, the Momentum TWS to my ears, while the bass is slightly boosted, but the midrange is still quite balanced and present. The wearing and comfort level is good enough and it stays nicely in my ears during the 7KM run, occasionally I will need to readjust the position a little bit but it is not too bad.

When I listened to Hip-hop/Electronica music the bass is enough to keep my toe-tapping and the midrange is there and I never felt like I am wanting more, the treble though like I said is quite lacking and not transparent enough, this has lead to some dynamic/musicality and clarity problem but really not that bad when doing workout, the sound quality to my ears are nice and good enough to keep me enjoy. Of course, if you are a pure bass head the bass still short of few dB to really make you dance but for me, it is good enough, although a little more treble wouldn’t hurt, in my opinion. The concentrated sound staging keep the music concentrated enough and not scattered while you are running, overall in term of sound quality, it is not an audiophile dream but it is really quite talented for the run.

Momentum TWS, however, will exhibit some ‘microphonic’ alike noise, I do understand that it shouldn’t be any because it is a true wireless design, I can’t find better words to describe the noise and the noise is really sounded like the microphonic noise that we experienced with wired headphone. For this issue it is not all that bad and I can easily detected and maybe annoyed by the noise in the first 100 steps of running but after that I ignored it wholly, so not a big issue, especially when music is playing. The control is good too as the taps rarely responded wrongly during my run, if you know how to tap it, definitely not the best but workable, volume control is okay but skip track is quite cumbersome.


Final Thought

I really don’t think Sennheiser designed the Momentum TWS for audiophile, nor should we treated it like an audiophile products, however from the product we can still see Sennheiser is totally no slouch when come to sound tuning for the product, Momentum TWS can easily catch and sounded attractive to majority of listeners, if you are those whom always listening to Pop and the Top 100 Chart I really think Momentum TWS suited you snugly, the direction of sound tuning is well suited, it certainly sounded attractive to those who demand more bass in their music, not everyone is an audiophile, I have really known too much of person that found a neutral/balanced sounding IEM is not fun enough, at some extent they are correct. So, what do I think about the Sennheiser Momentum TWS?

I certainly will not recommend it for audiophile purposes but if you are a casual listener and listen to the Top 100 Chart and averagely recorded Pop music, the Momentum TWS sound tuning is expertly tuned in this sector. To my ears it strike a good balance between a fun sounding IEM and an analytical IEM, it has good bass attention to keep you moving and the midrange is not off, if you are into the mainstream sound and you want a premium looking TWS IEM to free you, don’t miss the Sennheiser Momentum TWS and you definitely should give it a try.



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