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Hifiman TWS600 : Trying Hard to Like it

Let me address my gratitude to Star Picker Audio Library for organizing this Hifiman TWS600 review tour. This review will be very simple and straightforward, will be posted in this month too. Battery life and connectivity are excellent on the TWS600, I can directly connect to it after took it out from the casing, and the batteries lasted me over 5 days of my usage without charging it (average usage only, and battery life still left 75 percent). The microphone is good enough but definitely not Apple Earpod level, isolation and comfort are great as well. Nothing much to complain in terms of usability of TWS600.
Hifiman TWS600
Audio Quality
I have paired the TWS600 with my Huawei Mate 20, listening to Spotify Premium and Tidal Premium.
Audio quality, however, is a mixed bag. I am having a hard time to tune my ears to TWS600’s tonality, the tonality of the TWS600 is surprisingly light and always has some kind of lightness and hollowness, which remind me of the German Maestro GMP450, I love GMP450 because I think they have done correctly on the tonality. On the TWS600 however, maybe it is only me or reviewers were being really super friendly with the Hifiman, but the tuning/tonal is too extreme and only suit to certain type of music, to my ears TWS600 is only tuned for violin and vocal-oriented music, I believe most people wouldn’t like the tuning, the sound is overall hollow and have some coloration, it is empty and lightweight in tonality but doesn’t mean that it is airy (although not that bad), even when you play some Piano Sonata, TWS600 is not weighty enough to portray how a piano sonata should sound like. It is extreme to a level that, even when I am just listening to the violin oriented songs, I still can’t get away with the hollowness of it, I really think Hifiman have messed with the sound tuning this time, or it is just me really don’t like the tonality of it, it didn’t sound natural enough, sound quality is such a mixed bag as a whole, definitely not enjoyable and not my cup of tea.
Now, if you have read toward this point of my review, let’s talk about the sound signature of the TWS600, the treble is good enough, the treble is detailed and clean enough and the micro-dynamic of it is quite good and the treble is not shy at all, no complain here. Midrange is the star of the show too, it is quite forward and if you mostly listen to the vocal and clarity of vocal is your only attention in the music, TWS600 is what you should get, the midrange here has a really forward presentation with ample of details, you can easily track nuance and breath in the vocal, vocal sounded superbly clean and detailed, for example, listen to the ‘Sultans of Swing’ by Dire Straits, the vocal is quite enjoyable to listen to, the cleanliness and lightness of the overall tonality do more or less helping here, although as I said earlier, the sound overall is not quite natural and have some coloration. But I definitely can see how some people will love how vocal played through the TWS600, the TWS600 concentrate more on the treble (bring liveliness) and midrange, but the bass, okay, now we come to bass, the bass is actually quite lacking. When I say the bass is quite lacking, I mean although the bass has good tightness and detail, TWS600 is what I will categorize as a bass light earphone. In other words, if you hate bass in your music, get this earphone, the bass is certainly lacking especially on the quantity of it, the depth, punch, and rumbling is practically non-existing, sadly. If you really hate to have bass in your music (some people do), TWS600 is tuned for you, not me, however. I love to have full-spectrum presented in my music.
The sound is cooler than neutral and has some coloration, it always sounded clean. It is bright, forward mid and bass shy in term of balance of the sound, the soundstage has a good space and quite open,speed and timing is quite timely, the instrument separation is good, all of these, added some hollowness and lightness to the overall tone, are the summary of the sound signature of TWS600. As I said if you really dislike bass present in your music, you might found your love here, I recommend TWS600 wholly to you because not much manufacturer tends to tuned their earphones/headphones like this these days. But, the TWS600 is not ‘Hi-Fi’ to my ears, at least the tuning is not audiophile-level, those who love it will appreciate it, others, however, will hate it.

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