Review Work (IEM)

KZ ZS10 Pro : The Right Tuning

+Superb build for the price
+Fun, good sub bass but in controlled sound. +Energetic but not overly bright
+Detailed treble (although not extended till the far end) and good upper midrange energy, but never sounded thin
+Does not require an amplifier to sound good but scaled remarkably with good equipment
+No real weakness to the sound at this price unless you are too treble sensitive
+Easy to drive
+As you know from KZ, unbeatable price to performance ratio

-Quite heavy and cable tangled easily
-No storage case included? Come on
-The IEM body is prone to fingerprint
-Midbass lacked impact and presence
-Sometimes when the music getting complex, you will found it sounded a little scattered
-I will be much happier if the midrange can has a bit more presence
This might be my first KZ’s product review but I have been encountered at least five KZ iems before, in fact I have bought a KZ ZS5 just to use during I am doing sport activity outdoors, it is cheap enough for rugged use and most importantly, although with some nuisance, it is really bang for the buck especially for the sound quality. I am going to thanks Linsoul to make this review of KZ ZS10 Pro possible, the ZS10 Pro, along with AS10 are both of the IEMs that long available on my wanting list after being a happy user of KZ ZS5. In this review I am going to briefly comparing ZS5 to the ZS10 Pro just for reference.


I have listened the ZS10 Pro on my Huawei Mate 20, review however are written based on my listening session with the Stoner Acoustics UDXA, Stoner Acoustics UD125, Centrance DACPort HD and JDS Labs The Element. IEM have been burned in for at least 50 Hours before writing this review. My Asus laptop as source, Foobar 2000 (Lossless and High resolution format only) and Spotify Premium are my media player

I really enjoy the ZS10 Pro, the sound quality is definitely the main strength of it, first of all the sound is energetic, detailed and bright with good bass presence, the bass itself never felt overpowering in my opinion. The midrange itself has good body and doesn’t sounded recessed to my ears, the vocal line stay flat and I am quite liking the overall sound tuning of it. KZ really get the sound tuning right this time with the ZS10 Pro, the sound tuning is much much better than what I get from ZS5, not as V-Shaped and the sound technicality is one step forward from the ZS5. I especially like how the treble correctly add energy to the music without sounding too harsh. Can I say it sounded balanced and neutral? Definitely Nop, the upper midrange and subass is a little elevated to be called balanced sounding, but heck! It really is fun sounding without overdoing it, don’t get confused by thinking being energetic means it is harsh sounding, it is not it but you definitely can listen to the treble here and it do the magic to lift the music lively. Play ‘always be my baby’ by Mariah Carey and it is quite an enjoyable listen, the vocal has good detail and Mariah sing it lively, the instrument get good separation and the bass added up the fun factor nicely too.

The speed and timing is reasonably good and soundstage is nice too, thanks God ZS10 Pro does not sounded as coloured as the ZS5 which I barely can tolerate with how Classical music play through the ZS5, the ZS10 Pro play well with Classical music. I actually can’t find any music genre that can’t play nicely with ZS10 Pro. Like I said, if you love the tuning you will definitely appreciate how ZS10 Pro performed, especially unbeatable at this price point.

Build Quality/Packaging etc

The packaging is quite nice especially when you considering the price, but somehow I am not quite happy with KZ’s decision to not include a storage pouch, a storage pouch even a cheap one will do, as far as I remember KZ did produced some storage pouch that is reasonably priced (some less than 1USD at my country), it is a little disappointing seeing such a beautifully crafted IEM have to live without a home.

Build quality is good especially for the price, much better than the ZS5 and IEM that you can buy at this price, one thing though, the metal casing is quite a fingerprint magnet, not a big deal though, the IEM is quite heavy in hand but luckily still can sit comfortably in ear, passive isolation is nice too, with music playing you can’t quite hear what prople is talking beside you.

The cable is nice, I really love it, in my honest opinion the cable alone is already worth the upgrade, the cable is still tangle easily but the quality is very good here, the braided cable boosted aesthetically and it really worked, there is some microphonic issue here but nothing too major.

Final thought

Frankly every time KZ has a new IEM announced I am really getting excited, but somehow I have been let down a little by the less than expert tuning from some of the KZ previous IEM, gladly we have seen improvement over every newer product from KZ and this ZS10 Pro really performed, for those who can live with some energy at the upper range and appreciate the punchy bass, without sounding too harsh and still full sounding, with great speed and composure and details across the spectrum, believe me you will love the ZS10 Pro. I really can’t fault the ZS10 Pro too much, especially they just asking for 45 USD at Linsoul, how can I not to recommend them?

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