Brainwavz M2 : The Vocal

I have listened to th Brainwavz M1 before, in fact I wrote them a review after I tried them, it is quite dark sounding with fuller sound to it, depend on how you look on it, I can say it is an audiophile IEM for a very little money, of course you will need to love the sound tuning first, for those who like ultimate level of detail rendition and super crisp treble, M1 won’t suit you, but if you ignore those technical aspect, judging them by solely how they reproduce the music, I believe you will start to appreciate the tuning, talking about musical and non-fatigue listening, M1 really is one good choice.

Now lets come back to the Brainwavz M2, with the same affordable price tag, I can’t wait to find out what the second iteration able to offer, whether itis able to up the game for the money, or it spoil the musical tuning formula of the M1, lets find out in this review.


While I am not comparing them side by side, I am happy to report that the M2 retain the strong pointof M1, it has the same recessed treble presentation of the M1, I am not saying the treble is totally muted, but if you are coming from those IEM especially with V type of sound, you will easily found that the M2 is much more richer in tone and has kind of weight across of whole spectrum and treble seems to darken a lil bit, not a bad thing as it is not fatigue to isten to even if you listen to whole night, sometimes I do wish M2 to sound a tad more open, it is quite closed sounding, M2 make everything sounded nearer to yur ear, luckily not in a harsh way, in fact it is quite a nice done here, the music brought nearer so you are more intimate with the music, do note that it is not muddy in any mean.

Speaking of weighty sound, I quite like its weighty sound signature, not only sounded weighty but also has some lush in it, not super thick but definitely thicker soundng than most of the IEM that I have listened to, along with the slightly muted treble, this make M2 a quite enjoyable IEM to listen to, especially when you love to listen to music intead of just focus on those technical term. Speaking of detail retrieval and soundstage, it is about average but instrument separation here is quite decent, I love how it played with pop/vocal, hip hop and Jazz music, although I am not so happy with the classical music played on the M2 because of the treble and soundstage performance, the sound tuning also quite coloured some of theinstruments such as violin, which make them thicker than neutra, piano however, sounded nicely with them. It is quite a gem if Classical music is not your thing, apart from classical music, it actually played them pleasntly, it is an IEM that you will enjoy for your daily music listening, put aside those technical term and blend into musi enjoyment.

How about the bass performance? I found that some said it is bassy and others call it bass light, for me the mid bass is quie present but you won’t get much of the sub bass here. The bass itself is quite fast so generally you won’t feel it much here, it is not totally clean and it is with some grain at the bottom here, not a bad thing though, listen songs like The Black Eyed Peas and Eminem you will still listening the bass, it is big with reasonable body, however the rumble is quite limited and almost cut off once reach sub bass level, I won’t call it bass light in any mean, thebass here at least has reasonable depth and thumping, but the speed is quiet fast and if you are a demanding bass listener, I believe there are better choice out there. But please keep reading, I don’t think the bass will be that much of an issue if you are listening to pop musics.

Honestly, if pop musics ar your major music listening genre, then you shouldn’t be disappointed by M2,the sound weakness of M2, which is lacking dynamic, texture/speed and sound accuracy are all not that important for you to ENJOY your pop musics, however, the full sounding tuning, mid oriented sound and non-fatigue type of sound really keep you listening to vocal/pop musics all day long, the technically moresuperior IEM such as the KZ zs5 can’t give you same level of vocal enjoyment for example.


Packaging is nothing to shout to, it provide everything which is practical in use, there are several pairs of eartips to chose from, 3 different kind of eartips and one set of doube flanges eartips, I was quite surprised that od the single flanged eartips not fitting me well, I found the ouble flanged eartips fit me the best, YMMV. I love Brainwavz choose to provide a very good quality IEM pouch, the pouch is quite big and able to provide ample of protection to the IEM.

I mostly enjoy to wear the M2 in my ears, itis not heavy and fitted reasonably and won’t fall out easily, isolation wise it is rather impressive, I can’t really hear my wife talking when I wear them on. When I walking around my neighbourhood it is aso well isolated, Microphonic is not an issue too, I enjoy walking with them. M2 is very easy to drive as well, with my less than capable Huawei Mate 20 it is still can get hazardly loud, it is pretty clear that Brainwavz signed it to be super portable and work with even smartphones embeded DAC/amp, even there is no remote and mic on board.


Let me named the Brainwavz M2 ‘the pop master at budget’, the mid oriented sound signature is really kind of special and I wonder how come not much manufacturer choose this sound tuning, fr those who enjoy pop/vocal music, and oscasionally some hip hop music,you will feel right at home, have I mentiond that it is very easy to drive even by smartphone? If you love pop/vocal music I believe this is

a very good choice for the money, if you know what kind of sound signature are you aftering, I totally have no problem recommend this IEM to you!

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