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Brainwavz XF200 : Vocal at budget!

P6900508_DxOWhat can I say about the Brainwavz XF200? It is quite a beautiful IEM, I love the IEM with transparent ear shell design, like the CIEM and Shure always did on their IEM, Brainwavz is marketing them as sport IEM, which should be able to isolate well and fit well, the wear over ear design is something that I love too.

Brainwavz XF200 (25 USD)

Naming this IEM as XF200 is quite weird because as far as I concerned, Brainwavz have never made XF100 before, XF200 itself is quite well built, build quality of XF200 at this price is exceptional. If you want to make a phone call or adjust music volume on the go (with your smartphone) then you can rest assured, XF200 came with volume remote and a microphone, in another word it is smartphone friendly, personally tested it on my Meizu MX4 and it worked flawlessly, however I believe this is smartphone depend as my low end Alcatel Dpop 2 can’t control the volume through remote although the microphone works.

The packaging itself is quite simple and for this price I am impressed that the earphone pouch is included, the Comply earphone tip is included too, really impressive, the accessories are impressive for the price. From I have observed, Brainwavz have marketed XF200 as sport IEM, to fully test the capability of XF200 I actually brought it to field (Jogging), it stay fit in my ears, although I will say to get the most out of XF200 fit is extremely critical, I have actually found that most of the included eartips can’t fit me perfectly, the one that can fit me nicely surprisingly come from Brainwavz Omega, microphonic issue is minimal so I can ensure you Brainwavz didn’t just simply marketed XF200 as a sport IEM but they have actually put a lot of hard work in it.

P6900511_DxOAudio Quality

I mostly paired with Meizu MX4 streamed through Spotify Premium and KKBox Premium, most of the time in office I paired it with JDS Labs The Element too, sometime with Xduoo X3 DAP (lossless and high res music files).

I actually expecting an enhanced/slightly boosted bass/low frequency from a sport IEM, in this regard I am quite disappointed with XF200, the XF200 is not only without any boost but in fact I found that the bass is little lacking, the only time I found the bass is not lacking is when I listening it through Meizu M1 Note (Short session), but I suspect that it is the M1 note boosted bass by a margin (or my friend’s EQ). However when back at home, attached to my phone the bass is slightly lacking to my taste, it is not a shame to boost slightly the bass especially when it is an IEM people will mostly use it for doing sport. The bass is not non-existence it is just a little light.

However, what you get here is a very clear, slightly forward and neutral, honestly I think instead of boost bass I really think Brainwavz has bring out the midrange quite a bit. I enjoyed vocal through XF200, this is a good thing. I actually do think XF200 behaved a lot like balanced armature IEM sometimes, the bass behaved in similar behavior, it is fast and tight (but lacking impact), vocal is clear and clean, treble is extensive but not disturbing, sounded toward thin rather than full, also, soundstage is quite open and big at this price. Noticeably better than let say the Brainwavz Omega and Blu200.

The sound character is lean towards clean, neutral and balanced sounding, it is fast too, at the same time it is lacking some warmth, punch and impact.

P6900509_DxOFinal Thought

For sound tuning at this price I can say Brainwavz has done a great job, but I won’t say the same for a sport IEM, the bass must be punchy and scored with bass quantity, slight boombiness is acceptable for me as a sport IEM, but being slightly bass light is what I don’t want in a sport IEM, but if you are really hating bass (is there anyone like this?) or finding a good quality IEM for pop and regular music, XF200 is for you.



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