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Brainwavz BLU-200 : Wireless again

P6900517_DxOThe Blu-100 is a very cheap and reasonable sounding (For its price and feature) Bluetooth enabled wireless IEM, however from audiophile’s point of view it isn’t a wise choice. I found myself liking the conveniences of Blu-100 but honestly I won’t be using it when I am sitting down for music (lack refinement), I gave the Blu-100 to my friend when he needed a wireless IEM for watching movies. So, how is the performance of Blu-200 when compared to the Blu-100?

Brainwavz Blu-200 (35USD)

Brainwavz Blu-200 is not changing much from the Blu-100, still a bulky design that will not fit perfectly if you do running a lot, same batteries and the cable like the Blu-100, the only thing that Brainwavz changed is the speaker driver, from 8mm (Blu-100) to the bigger 9.2mm (Blu-200), this is a welcome improvement. Fitting is good but the housing is quite large and heavy, I am using Blu-200 for jogging and it did came out from ears frequently, however if I am just walking Blu-200 seems to stay put.

Battery life is good, Brainwavz claimed Blu-200’s battery life to be 4 hours and my test was around 4 hours too. One thing I love about Blu-200 is that it will automatically turn off when there is no Bluetooth device connected to it,  this help to save battery life and I am kind of guy that lazy to turn off the Blu-200 after each of use.

P6900515_DxOAudio Quality

I have paired Brainwavz Blu-200 with mostly the Meizu MX4, Alcatel low end smartphone and partially with Iphone 5S playing 320 kbps MP3/AAC files streaming through Spotify Premium and KKBox Premium

Speaking about audio performance of the Blu-200, it is a huge leap from the predecessor Blu-100, I can say the new and bigger driver of the Blu-200 do a lot of good. Most of the reviewers actually didn’t like how Blu-100 sounded and while personally I recommended Blu-100 from usability point of view, but for the sake of sound quality it is not up to the standard, the sound is harsh and uncontrolled, luckily that Blu-200 improved the problems that I stated and it do give a better, rounded and smooth sound than the Blu-100, but if you expected it to be as good sounding as those wired IEM, you will surely be fooled.

The bass is still prominent but in a much more control way and the quality of bass production is better than on the Blu-100, I still doubt that basshead will satisfied with the bass of Blu-200 but the bass is definitely has good quantity and reasonable quality. The mid is not bad here, it is clear and although slightly backward , treble is not harsh and present politely. The soundstage? It is a joke, you shouldn’t be expecting it performed colourful in the imaging anyway. For the consumer range that will be using this IEM, I believe that they will like the sound quality of it, but if you are an audiophile that looking for audiophile quality IEM, then you should really avoid this and get their other product in the price range, let say the S series, M1 and XF200, all of them sounded better than the Blu-200.

Call quality is okay but definitely not crystal clear, the people that I am talking to can’t comfortably and naturally hear what I am saying.

P6900516_DxOFinal thought

For merely 35USD I have never expected Brainwavz to show me miracle anyway, however please don’t get me wrong, Blu-200 is not bad sounding at all, as I have said, the average consumers will surely like them, if you looking for a good Bluetooth IEM (Making phone call etc) with average sound quality for on the go, Blu-200 is a very good choice, but if you are hardcore audiophile, look elsewhere, actually I would like to recommend the Blu-200 for sport usage, but then it is quite bulky and keep falling out from my ears most of the time that hold my recommendation, I would love to see a lighter, smaller and true audiophile quality wireless IEM from Brainwavz!

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