Review Work (Cable)

Surfcables’ interconnect!

P6900236_DxOAfter I reviewed the full balanced Stoner Acoustics EGD and EGA, I have long searched for a good and reliable balanced cable for my Sennheiser HD700, normally it shouldn’t be difficult to source aftermarket cable for headphones but then those are reliable one sell their cables at premium price, upon some extensive search, I am happy I have come across with the Surfcables cable, it is my end game cable now.

Surfcables HD700 S-07B1 dual 2.5mm to 4 Pin XLR cable, Heavy 20 AWG (4 feet, 110USD)

P6900231_DxOFirst thing that attract me when I come across with Surfcables’ cable is the price, with only 110USD price tag, it is one of the cheapest price I can find in internet from a reliable brand. Then, when I went through their website, they don’t really bluffing with the cable technology, what they are doing seems very logic. Why not give them a try? I shoot them an email and here come the review unit.

The cable is indeed nicely built and finished, I chose the heavy20AWG version which can enhanced conductivity but not as flexible as the 24 AWG version, for me conductivity is everything as I am not going for portability. You might have notice that HD700 uses dual 2.5mm plug at the headphone which is same as Hifiman HE400s, Audioquest Nighthawk and Hifiman HE1000 and some Oppo.

The sound quality, what can I say? Is really good. Back when I reviewed the Stoner Acoustic EGA and EGD, I have borrowed Oppo original 4 Pin balanced cable to review them, but to be honest I don’t like the cable, it sounded rush, the sound is not smooth either, I am really happy when I first tried the Surfcables HD700 balanced cable, the sound is transparent, effortless and smooth, detail level is great too, all of these characteristic are all that I can’t found on the Oppo balanced cable.

P6900233_DxOSolid Silver RCA Cable Solid (1m, 130USD)

This is another cable that I like very much, in fact, I have since hook this cable to my speaker system since the day one. It is transparent, detailed yet very full sounding. As far as I concerned, this solid silver cable has very good insulation and looks quite good too. The Rean plug certainly is much better in term of ergonomics than my premium Charleston Cable Company RCA plug. The cable itself is easy to flex and position too, I can certainly ensure you your 130USD are well spent.

Final Verdict

So is upgrading your interconnect cable really help? To me it is the final tuning to your audio system, it is not as important (as long as your interconnect is good quality and have good conductance and insulation) as some hard core audio enthusiasts claimed, but it certainly is more important than those who ignored it. If you are in the market searching for good quality interconnect that without breaking your bank, here it is.

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