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Thinksound Rain 2 : Wood Flavour

P6900008-001I have always admired how Thinksound design the woodie IEM/headphone. Their first and woody headphone, Thinksound On Ear still occasionally connected to my digital audio player when I decided to have some simple music, it still sounded as good as it was and remained very neutral/balanced sounding. I have long time losing trace of their products until I saw them selling the Thinksound Rain 2, I have listened to their IEM before this, the Ts02, ms01 and Rain, some of them sounded quite warm and lush and Thinksound certainly has done right with that kind of tuning, overdoing it will bring us uncomfortable and fatigue/flabby sound, oh yeah, the bass response of Thinksound IEM is quite good too, not ‘audiophily’ good but the presentation of it will be very well suited to new-comers and those expecting ‘clear sound and bass’ performance up from their regular fancy portable headphone/bundled IEM. One thing that new-comers (newbie) always complaining is how they found most of the audiophile headphone lacking bass, I should stop calling them newbie, they are just kind of listeners that listen different music like what we do. If you are the ‘Newbie’, or you are going to purchase some IEM for your non-audiophiles friends/son/daughter/anyone you know, you should really read this review.

P6900009-001Thinksound Rain 2 (99USD)

Thinksound Rain 2 is quite attractive at the looks, not much of the IEM is made by wood let alone in this price range. I have mix feeling for the build quality though, the right/left IEM unit itself is quite solid and well built, but the cable itself is not as good as I would like. First, it is quite fragile at the place they connected the IEM unit and the cable, my Rain 2 is not yet broken but I am not really confident at that part. The cable, do tangles easily if you don’t know how to manage it, the microphonic issue (there will be noise when you touch the cable/rub it) is quite severe, the cable is fortunately thick enough to withstand lots of abuse, but definitely there are rooms for improvement, even in this price range.

Rain 2 is employing an unit of 8mm dynamic driver inside the shell, 16ohm with sensitivity as high as 96dB, you can expected it to be drive to full potential by portable sources, such as smartphones and DAPs. There are actually quite a lot of good sounding IEM in the price range already, we have the Vsonic Vsd series, Soundmagic E series, Brainwavz S series that I like very much and what not? I can’t name them all here but all of them acclaimed good sound quality at certain point. However, on thing for sure, you are not only buying good quality product with reasonable price with Thinksound, but you also supporting a green company which is friendly on the environment.

Audio Quality

I have paired Thinksound Rain 2 with JDS Labs The Element, iFi Audio iDSD Nano and iDAC Micro

If I want to talk about Thinksound Rain 2, we will start by describing its bass first. The bass is ample and it has big body and shape, the impact is quite respectable too. A dive into Michael Jackson’s beat it revealed how Rain 2 is able to portray the bass line with attention and warmth. If I want to be picky, I will say it should have been tighter but I better be careful on how I describe it, it is quite tight in its own. The bass is whelming but not overwhelming, it is a good balance line between bass head and audiophilas. The bass is more noticeable/forward than the mid but I will not say the mid is muffled nor lacking, it is true that it is a U line presentation but it is definitely not a recessed mid than how flat should be.

So how is the midrange performance? It is a clear, warm and bodied presentation, but it is not really open sounding mids as audiophile will like, but it is not bad here, for beginner and youngster came from Pop songs, they will really like the tuning and the vocal performance is good too, but I prefer male’s vocal than female’s vocal on Rain 2, most probably is because of Rain 2 tends to have more higher mid energy than I like, this will lead to some sibilant issue, it is not all that bad though.

The treble frequency is prominent but lacking details, refinement and smoothness which I certainly will not expected a 99USD products to have, causing the overall sound of Rain 2 is little edgy and not smooth, some will even considered it to be hot but this is not the accurate description, it is not as smooth sounding than some of the competitors, but believe me, most of the youngster coming from Pop/Hip hop music will like Rain 2 very much. The soundstage in another hand, is not big, just average, so is the detail level.

P6900006-001Final Thought

The fun, forward and warm sound signature is not tailored for audiophiles, if you are judging from that perspective then Rain 2 certainly will be doomed. However, judging from the price point and the marketing customers, I will say Rain 2 is a great success especially for the sound tuning which is really for the regular listeners which enjoy pop/R&B music like how we enjoy our Classical/Jazz music, are you looking for replacement/upgrade from your bundled IEM/earbud? Look no further, Rain 2 is for you.


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