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Chord & Major 6’13 Ballad – The Ballad Style IEM

Chord & Major 6'13 Ballad in

Chord & Major 6’13 Ballad in

This is the forth time I have wrote review for Chord & Major’s IEM, to be honest, Chord & Major is my favourite Taiwan audio company, well, when you are holding one of their product in hand, you will know that you aren’t just holding any commercial product, they are thoughtful art and creation as I would call. Their ‘tonal IEM’ is something that I am fonding too, I am buying their idea which a specific IEM will do specific kind of job, I believe even the best genre master headphones can’t do a specific genre at the best too.

Look what they have got in the line up, the 7’13 (Jazz), a ‘blue tone’ earphone that I found it is so good in potraying trumpet, saxophone and ambient, which are so essential for Jazz musics. While the 8’13 (Rock) has good energy and speed which is important to Rock music, I can’t denied that it gained the least love in the line up to me, because I found that the characteristic is not that special, although for Rock music it is really good in it (Maybe just that I don’t like rock music that much), finally there is 9’13 (Classical) which is my favourite IEM, until now. The transient level is superb, the look, the design, the sound, wow, the only thing I needed for classical music, that is.


There is still some type of music that Chord & Major missing, such as hip hop and vocal. For sure Chord & Major has always working on their products range, I have been told that they were working really hard on tuning their IEMs to specific genre of music and you can feel this in every each of their products, from packaging to audio quality, they have paid excessive attention in every tiny bit of their products, now I really salute Taiwanese’s spirit on their products, before I forget, their price is very attractive too.

3Chord & Major 6’13, ballad vocal tonal (175USD)

6’13 is Chord & Major’s answer for audiophile who like ballad vocal types of music. The outlook is indeed very nice, keeping up with Chord & Major’s tradition, wood body and the shiny plate is made by very high quality of material. The packaging and finishing are excellent like always. The colour tone of 6’13’s wood is lighter than before, which I like very much. It is not difficult to recognize 6’13 as Chord & Major’s products, they all looked very similar.


Audio Impression

Being a ballad vocal IEM, I am expecting that it at least must has a very clear midrange, but my finding is admirably exceed my expectation. First of all, the vocal is transparent, clear and clean. It is the most stood out frequency, not surprised though, everyone knows vocal is in the midrange frequency. If you are expecting those kind of tubey, warm and fat vocal you will be surely disappointed. It has a neutral and clean type of vocal expression manner, not a bad thing at all as it worked with majority of vocal type of music. Vocal is the most obvious point to touch you for 6’13 in my opinion. I listened to some Chinese ballad songs, I like the presentation, the vocal is so clear and detailed. For those who like slightly warm and slow vocal presentation might like IEMs such as Shure SE425 more, 6’13 is a different thing here but it is very good, undergoes different types of presentation.

The image separation is superb. You can definitely listen to every instrument clearly. I am surprised on this, vocal is in the middle and surrounded by the instrument. The imaging is not on par with the best in game (9’13 Classical has excellent imaging capability) but is at least average.  Soundstage is wide but not deep, it does not need any depth for ballad anyway.

The bass is present, when it hit it gone fastly. It is quite fast and nice, but not as deep nor as big as other competitor, but do keep in mind that this is a tonal IEM, which is tuned for ballad vocal, I don’t mind its weaknesses but it must be good for vocal type of music. The treble is clean and just right, not harsh but you will feel it is there, extensively detailed.

3What to improve?

Chord & Major is a good IEM for the job, no question asked. However, I wished there is slightly darker of music presentation sometimes. Please get me correctly, I wished to have a darker vocal but not treble. The vocal will be great if Chord & Major can make its vocal presentation darker. Well, you can make this yourself anyway, I paired it with my friend’s Cmoy amp and the vocal is even greater, because it matched up nicely. But for those who use Objective 2 or those amp/source that has clean and clear sound, be caution to have some minor sibilant in music.

3Final Thought

If you like clear, clean and energetic kind of vocal presentation and this IEM is really for you. But if you prefer something warmer this is definitely not for you. Personally I like 6’13, but not as much as I would like the 9’13, the IEM that I think is irreplaceable for classical, 6’13 is very good for the price but not irreplaceable, if it is slightly darker in vocal presentation, I will rated it more than just recommended it.

I recommended it if you like clean vocal type of sound. Keep this up Chord & Major, I only expected excellent product from you because you guys are that good!



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