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German-Maestro GMP435s : The White Approach



German-Maestro GMP435s in

German-Maestro GMP435s in

Most of the German-Maestro’s headphones that I have reviewed before are high in impedance, honestly German Maestro didn’t make many low impedance headphones, as far as I concerned, despite some lower end models, only GMP435s is the higher end low impedance headphone in entire GMP line up.

German-Maestro GMP435s White (319USD)

Frequency Response: 20 – 27.000 Hz

  • Nominal Impedance: 35 O
  • Acoustical Principle: Open
  • Ear Pads: Synthetic leather, circumaural
  • Average pressure on the ear: ~3 N
  • Weight w/o cable: 240 g
  • Connector: Stereo-Multi-Jack 3,5 / 6,3 mm
  • Roundcable with helix-section 3 m

It is only lately GMP435s has a white version, instead of the old professional looking of black colour, black colour is professional looking, but white colour definitely looks cooler and in my opinion it is nice balance of cool and professional looking, not looks childish too, personally I like white colour GMP435s.


White colour now!

White colour now!

Build Quality and Ergonomics

Build quality wise we can rest assured with German-Maestro, it has decent durability and material that can last very long, besides, the feather-light weight is super comfortable to put on ears, what we say them as top in terms of comfort, the clamping force is so weak that it literally is not clamping on your head, it is just laying on your ears, you have to try to exactly what I am talking here.

Easy to drive?

In my opinion a portable amplifier has enough power to drive the GMP435s to high level already. I am not denying that better amp and sources always bring out more from GMP435s, but if you already have some good headphone amplifiers and DACs around your desk, then you really should skip the GMP435s and going up directly to GMP450. Running straight out from a DAP such as the iBasso DX50, the dynamic is bit too constraint.

2Audio Quality

Sources : Soundaware D100 Pro Premium Edition, Pioneer CD Player as Transport, iBasso DX50, Asus PC

DACs : Yulong Audio DA8, Firestone Audio Tobby, Kingrex UD384

Headphone Amplifiers : Firestone Audio Bobby, Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear Edition, Yulong Audio A28, M2Tech Marley, Rudistor NX-03, Tubeamp TA-1.

I can tell you confidently that GMP435s is excellent sounding and relatively easy to drive, compared to other ‘portable’ headphones that I have listened to, such as the cheap Superlux HD681B, Soundmagic HP100, Beyerdynamic DT770 250 ohm, Creative Aurvana Live!, GMP435s is definitely more linear and better sounding to my taste, okay, what I am praising here might because of my personal taste, but lets see what GMP435s have here, smooth and balanced treble, flat and uncoloured mids, unobstuctive and healthy bass response, good soundstage. So far so good? Too good to be real? Give me some time and let me explained.

Maybe we should start from the weaknesses. GMP435s is not a perfect headphone anyway, it has a slightly forward sound rather than being flat, midrange though, is too flat in my opinion, I really hope it can be little more forward especially vocal based songs, stop worrying though, it is no way a recessed midrange. Second is the bass, I really hope it to be more impact and dig deeper, the bass on GMP435s is not ‘disappeared’ but if it can be more in quantity and impact(In constructive manner) then it will always be better.




However the weaknesses that I have mentioned are far easier to forgive especially compared to the rivals, for examples, shrilling high, recessed mid, bass light, coloured and closed in sound. GMP435s’ weaknesses are generally easier to forgive and German-Maestro really made the weaknesses in a good manner though, sound is typically German Maestro like, thin and gentleman.

I have to stress my point again here, GMP-435s is not bass light, maybe is the same bass level like the AKG 701s, so if you can accept what is on the AKG 701s, you probably will like the GMP435s too, 435s is far easier to drive and matched than the 701.

I played track 3 from album ‘Blue Coffee Shop’ from FIM recording, the bass kicked in deep and real enough, nothing excessive or lacking here. Chant from album Between the Sheets (Fourplay), shows some good deep bass and you can see that 435s is quite linear across the spectrum, instrument separation is good and keep each of the intruments separate but played together, although lacking some intimediacy and speed, it is still a fine headphone. Piano sounded georgeous and true through 435s as well, each of the note owns their own definition and slips through the music easily. The letter from album Time after Time by Eva Cassidy, vocal stay flat with the bass and cymbal, it is such a linear performance, none of the frequency spectrum going to overtake another spectrum. Detail level is average.

P10609945Final Thought

In my opinion, GMP435s is a fine portable headphone, maybe you will ask how am I going to buy an opened back headphone for portable use, maybe I should saying it as easy to drive rather than as portable headphone, but if isolation and sound leakage is not your concerned, you really should look at it.

The only concerned to me is the pricing that is rather high in my opinion. 300USD is quite stiff, it worth the price but at this pricing rivals are not kind too. You gotta try them if given chances, believe me.








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