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German-Maestro GMP8.300D – The Studio Pair of Headphone

German-Maestro GMP8.300 in

German-Maestro GMP8.300 in

In headphone worlds, there are some undiscovered or rarely discovered brands. For me, bad brands normally will just disappeared in the market after one or two products they released, consumers are wise enough to discover bad brand and avoided them. But things come really different when we are talking about good brands, it is not simply about how good is the product, but also how well the design team put into marketing of their products, this is a complicated situation where many excellent brands sunk into, I have know a few good brands that are not doing well in their marketing plan, one of them is the German-Maestro that I want to talk about today.

1German-Maestro GMP 8.300D (219usd)

GMP8.300D is the highest impedance among the GMP 8.000 series, there are at least 4 models in 8.000 series as I concerned:

-GMP 8.300D (300 Ohms)

-GMP 8.35D (35 Ohms)

-GMP 8.40D (40Ohms, for professional usage)

-JFB 8.35D (35 Ohms, latest model and has better/more bass)


I immediately requested the GMP8.300D when Oliver asked which variant am I interested (As I don’t know about the JFB 8.35D yet), in my mindset, higher impedance of headphones are always better. This is what Oliver told me as well anyway.




Construction and Ergonomics

Construction of the GMP8.300D is indeed excellent, what they described it as INDESTRUCTIBLE. I can confirm on this, it is really durable and take up lot of drop and hit, it is mainly constructed by high quality plastic which is quite durable, single sided cable that is very thick and seems durable., right angle jack that is good to have. Cable itself is quite good in quality but personally I think it is a bit too long in field use, but for the purpose it design (monitoring purpose) it is spot on though.

Isolation is a important factor if we are buying a closed back headphones such as GMP8.300D, it is great in terms of isolation. Comfort wise, it has kind of strong clamping force which is not ideal for long period of usage, I do, however clamped it to a box which is slightly bigger than my head to lose the clamping force, this act really help, but it is still not something that I will describe as comfortable headphone, maybe after times of usage the clamping force will gone, anyway, for those who are aftering comfort level more than anything else, this might not be ideal choice. The pad is good but the clamping force.

burning inBurning in

Burning in indeed help for GMP8.300D, it showed bright sound signature at first, I burned in for about hundred hours and the treble seems tamed down more, but still thin sounding, I believe GMP8.300D core sound signature is very clean sounding with neutral characteristic. Burning in is compulsory for GMP8.300D.


Audio Quality

Source : Soundaware D100 Pro Premium Edition, Pioneer CD Transport, PC

DACs: Yulong Audio DA8, Kingrex UD384, Firestone Audio Bobby, Xduoo TA-1

Headphone Amplifiers: Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear Edition, Firestone Audio Bobby, Xduoo TA-01, Yulong Audio A28



thick cable and jack

thick cable and jack

Just like what I said before, GMP8.300D is neutral and balanced overall, sometimes I wished it to be little warmer, but I knew that it sounded the way it should, what people seeking for in a studio monitor headphone. At the time I am writing this review, GMP8.300D is not sounded as thin sounding as it used to be. In my opinion it is quite fast sounding, with little forward rather than flat, don’t worry, it is just little. Grain is very little and overall sounded really clean. I played the album Best Audiophile Voices II to test the mid, in my opinion it is not forward nor recessed, it is flat. But it is not a vocal monster, it is just flat and thin, that is all, everything sounded as it should, minimal coloration according to my ears, from bad perspective though, it is not sweet, not smooth enough.

Soundstage is very good for a closed back headphone, it is wide and spacious, this is something that I am quite surprised at. Bass is there with right amount of quantity, I found out that it lacked some impact and depth that I craved for, but nothing is really lacking here considered that it is a studio monitoring headphone, which has a remarkable clean sound.




Final Thought

I like German-Maestro’s definition of ‘professional’, it is something as professional as a studio monitoring headphones, for you to monitor the sound, maybe it is not musical enough for most of the people, in this regard personally I think GMP8.300D will face some hard competitors. For studio monitoring I am sure no one can really beat it, for both of the durability and sound monitoring purpose, with good price point. But for music enjoyment, I preferred GMP4 series though, or maybe the JFB edition might be better for music purpose. Don’t be sad, for the price, GMP8.300D is still a good choice.






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