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Vsonic VSD1 and VSD1s : The Brothers

Vsonic VSD1 and VSD1s in

Vsonic VSD1 and VSD1s in

Vsonic is very famous whether it is inside and outside of China Mainland, their tuning of sound is very successful and widely appreciated by fellow supporters. Their GR07 is very famous and some of their lower end model has been regarded as one of the best in their price range, thanks Vsonic Asia for sending me their VSD1 and VSD1S for review purpose.

2Vsonic VSD1 and VSD1s (49.99USD respectively)

One thing Vsonic China has promised since they want to release the VSD1 and VSD1s is they definitely will be the best in their price range,50USD. There are a lot of capable competitors in the bracket honestly, from Klipsch, Hifiman, Beyerdynamic, Dunu and those I can’t remember the brand right now.

Another claim is that although both of the VSD1 and VSD1s were 1/3 of GR07 price, but their performance are 80% close to it. I have a GR07 in my hand now but honestly, I think they are quite different, GR07 definitely has the upper hand here.

Impedance : 32 Ohm

Driver Unit : 11mm

Sensitivity : 110db at 500Hz

Frequency Response : 1-Hz-22KHz


They are quite light and build nicely although are quite cheap in terms of pricing. I have nothing to say on the build itself, but comfort wise, I think the insertion is not deep enough. They are light enough and cable is well construct as well. For the money paid, I don’t think any more complain will be relevance. 

Audio Quality

I have paired both of the VSD1 and VSD1s with Audinst HUD-MX2 and iBasso DX50

From the packaging box, Vsonic claimed that VSD1 is for pop, vocal and rock music, while VSD1s is for female vocal, symphony and classical music. Both of them are quite similar in the rough tuning, while from some aspects they are different, I have observed below difference:

  1. VSD1 has better speed and clarity.
  2. VSD1s has a wider and deeper soundstaging.
  3. VSD1 has slightly bigger bass
  4. VSD1s has better frequency range and accuracy.

Their main differences were stated above and it is clear that both of them are made for different crowd although they shared same housing design and maybe the driver as well. So what are they similar in then?

None of them are heavy in bass nor bass light, VSD1 just has more bass slightly if I want to compare them, but the differences are not that huge to my ears, the bass is enhanced only by a bit if not neutral, it is still acceptably clean, and exceptional for the asking price. None of them are weak in vocal too, they have good vocal quality, although I am not liking one to another, I think they are quite different here, VSD1s is sweeter but VSD1 is clearer. The treble is quite dark and don’t worry, nothing is harsh or recessed here, I do think the tuning of them are quite suitable for newbie, which is easily acceptable and is excellent for the price.

Final Verdict

So are they worth to buy? I think I am mostly positive if you only have 50USD to spend in IEM, but I am thinking that if you can stretch your budget a little more, there is some tough competitors ahead, world keep changing so is the competition between manufacturers, thanks Vsonic for providing us something this cheap but good.










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