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Dunu DN1000 – A New Standard

Dunu DN1000, latest flagship in

Dunu DN1000, latest flagship in

There is magic, yes MAGIC. There is MAGIC in multiple driver IEMs. A dual driver IEM/headphone is enough to drive audiophila crazy, but now I am hands on a Three drivers IEM from Dunu, the craziness is indeed crazing now.

I have long know about the Dunu DN1000 (TWFK BA driver and a single dynamic driver) before it really hits international market, DN1000 has been available in China for few months before it has the international version like the one in my hand, honestly speaking they should be about the same but I definitely appreciated more the outlooks of international version.

2Dunu DN1000 (About 215USD)

Type: Dynamic Balanced Armature(10mm), TWFK (Dual Balance Armature) and a dynamic driver.

Sound pressure level: 98+/-2dB

Impedance: 10Ω

Frequency Response:16Hz-22KHz

Noise Attenuation: 26dB

Plug: 3.5mm Gold-Plated

Cable Length: 1.20M

Weight: 26G

Test different ring and eartips for best fit

Test different ring and eartips for best fit

The reason why everyone are so excited on DN1000 is very obvious, because the technology Dunu have employed in it. The driver is now a TWFK balanced armature design with a dynamic driver in it, so basically it is a three drivers under each of the housing. Theoritically there is better sound when involved more drivers involved if the tuning is good. I never doubted capability/tuning of Dunu company though, I have a few Dunu products on my table and the DN-23 landmine is one of my favourite budget IEM of all time, for some kind of music I actually prefer one to another one, but DN-23 can suit every type of music quite well and far exceeding the price point can speak, so when I know about the existence of DN1000, I am thinking that I MUST get a pair of this and see how Dunu are going to do with their flagship model, I am actually expecting a lot, lets call this faith for Dunu, as I think that they are excellent in provide something that has excellent price to performance ratio.

Packaging and Ergonomics

As usual, you can expect a lot of accessories included along with the packaging of DN1000, there are a premium metal box for storage, a IEM pouch for storage purpose as well, 6.25mm to 3.5mm stereo adapter, airplane adapter, various types of earpiece, more than what you will actually use in field.

DN1000 is extremely well made and feel really solid in hand. Cable and plug are all very well designed and honestly I don’t have anything to complain. Comfort wise, many said that DN1000 is quite heavy but honestly I never find it in this way, it is not heavy at all, I think it is quite comfortable in ears, the only problem that I found with it is the fit problem, patience is the key here, you have to slowly find the best fit combination with you (Try different ring and ear piece, this will alter the sound signature as well). You can only get the best out of it when the fitting is right and perfect.

Sound Impression

Source : Soundaware D100Pro Deluxe Edition, Pioneer CD Player as transport, Dell PC and Asus Laptop, iBasso DX50

DAC : Firestone Audio CustomCute, Tobby, Yulong Audio DA8, Arce MDAC3

Heaphone Amplifier : Tubeamp BL-2, Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear Diamond Edition

Good So how does DN1000 sounded overall? It is quite balanced and neutral overall. Sound is tad forward rather than being flat, everything is clear and vivid, without overdone. Coming from Dunu I really expecting some heavy/weighty bass but DN1000 doesn’t, bass is clean, fast and has good impact/depth, but really not something that I will call it bass oriented. Treble is quite airy and honestly the overall tonality is more towards light tone but it has a feel in it, it is airy but it is still steady. Micro details is nice although I will not name it as a detail monster or something like that, I admire how DN1000 presented the treble here, it is nice and without any sense of bright or dark, it is really there and good.

Midrange in my opinion is another strength of DN1000, it is quite forward and clear, not in your face type of forward but definitely is forward than flat, vocal is nice and clean. I have listened to some audiophile vocal album on DN1000, I think it renders them nicely, although you can find better vocal IEM out there for sure but what I am saying here is something like Shure SE425 (Which I have found no competitor in terms of vocal (Especially females voices) until now), however SE425 is mid centric and except the vocal type of songs, it definitely do not have detail level, bass and treble which is what I really like from DN1000.

I just can’t stop to praise the transparency and treble of the Dunu, it is excellent here, something that is quite grainless. Soundstage is quite deep but not super wide here, imaging is good as I can imagine properly, honestly for 215usd what more could I expect?

Final Verdict

2Once again Dunu has proved something to us, first, good sound is not only accompany with expensive price tag now, DN1000 has excellent audio quality although it is still considered cheap in term of the technicality. Second is that Dunu is ready to the world and challenges now, they are mature in sound tuning and manufacturing capability now, I hope to review their products again in future because everytime when they announced a newer product, I have see a significant improvement as well, without saying much, Dunu DN1000 deserved my first rate recommendation when you are searching for an excellent IEM at 215USD price bracket.









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