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Alessandro Music Series Pro : Classical in mind

Alessandro Music Series Pro in

Alessandro Music Series Pro in

It might be too late for me to talk about Alessandro MSPro now as it has already available in the market years back, but it is always great for my beautiful readers to check back how a so called ‘old’ headphones sounded and honestly, if a headphone sounded good it sounded good, no matter how old the technology is, before I started the review today, let me announced my appreciation to Yen from Stereo Head for lending me his unit of MSPro, without limiting me the returning time.

Alessandro MSPro (Music Series Pro)

You must have been read somewhere before that Grado made headphones for Alessandro, this is not secret but Grado and Alessandro arenot sound the same, Grado made the headphones specially for Alessandro under their requirement and request, so although from the outlook they looked pretty much the same, they are actually different sounding. Alessandro always described as the more neutral, natural alternative besides the bright, harsh and forward sounding grados. This is not a Grado vs Alessandro review or comparison, so it is better for me to stop here.


Transducer type: Dynamic
Operating principle: Open air
Frequency response: 12 – 30k Hz
SPL lmV: 98
Nominal impedance: 32 Ohms
Driver match db: 0.05
Features: – Vented diaphragm
– Mahogany air chamber
– UHPLC voice coil wire
– UHPLC connecting cord
Price: $ 699.00


Just before I forgot to mention, MSPro sit in flagship line in Alessandro Music Series currently, selling at 699USD, at the price people do have a lot to choose, so I am really interested to see how MSPro stood its ground.

Design and Ergonomic


Superb comfort level

Superb comfort level

It is indeed difficult not to notice the wooden cup on MSPro, while the wooden housing on MSPro is not appearing as ‘exeggarate’ as those from Audeze, Meze and Audio Technica, it is simple and beautiful. It is very light and earcup are very large, clamping force is adequate to allow MSPro stay on ear but never let you feel uncomfortable due to the nice pad. The light weight of MSPro do make it a pleasure to wear on ears, too light to mention and this is absolutely a good thing especially for those who can wear their headphones for hours of music listening.

Cable itself is thick but not too heavy, I have see some people complaining about how thick and heavy the cable of MSPro is, honetly I have never found this to be a problem, even for a single second. In fact, I am kinda like the cable of MSPro, it is at least durable and with good finishing, the thickness of the cable do enhance my confident towards this headphones, rather than the typical thin and light headphone cable.

While it is a double entry headphone cable design unfortunately there is no interchangeable cable design, sometimes this is not a bad thing as long as the original cable is durable. The length of the cable is also a sweet spot, at least it is not as stupidly as long like the AKG Q701.


Audio Quality

Source : Soundaware D100Pro Deluxe Edition, Pioneer CD Player as transport

DACs : Firestone Audio Tobby and Arce Mdac3

Headphone Amplifier : Firestone Audio Bobby and Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear Diamond Edition

1Once I connected MSPro to my listening reference, the sound tuning is quite obvious, it has been tuned with Classical music in mind, it sounded thin, clean and clean. Not super thin but next to Shure Srh-1840 that I just reviewed not too long ago, it really sounded thin. Everyone knows that a thin and lean sounding headphones/speakers are easier to give listener a detailed sound impression, MSPro is no difference here. While the detail level itself is good, it is not the best, good news is it is still can considered as a highly detailed headphone.

Soundstage is the sweetest advantadge of MSPro, the soundstage is wide and it is ‘real’. AKG Q701 has a wide soundstage but fall short on depth, height and most importantly the realism of soundstage, what I am talking here is true good soundstage should behaved like MSPro, which let me immersed quickly in Classical recording such as those from Emerson String Quartet, I can easily listened to them again and again without tiring, 2thanks to the supreme comfort level of MSPro, making listening to music a breeze even hours without taking down the headphone. Width, depth and height of soundstage is very good here although not as 3D as I like but it is definitely adequate for my taste, making Q701 a shame sitting besides it.

Music generally take a backward step/flat instead of forward sounding, as I said earlier, as soon as I put on MSPro on my ears, I immediately know that this is a headphone design for classical music in mind, bad thing is, besides Classical music and maybe some jazz, I don’t really like how MSPro sounded with other genres of music, particularly vocal music, lets take my words wisdomly, if you like classical musics and Jazz, MSPro I definitely for you, but if you don’t, then you don’t really have to get it, vocal pronounced in a dry and thin behaviour and honestly I am not enjoying how vocal sounded on it, even without mentioning the slight sibilant it caused on vocal music. Techno/R&B music is a No, No. I always think that there is no need for you to pursue expensive headphones (Such as MSPro in this case), the bass is tight and punchy but it is in a balance manner, I honestly think ‘Electronica’ buddy will demanding bass that is larger and weightier, not something like MSPro.

Realism for soundstage is a good thing, what make the good better is the realism of sound. Instrument sounded real as well, despite I am calling MSPro as neutral and balanced, it is nothing near boring sounding, wait until you listened classical music through it you know what I meant.

Final Verdict

I has a feeling that Alessandro MSPro is a higher end AKG 701 series with more (but similar) bass, improved significantly 701’s weaknesses (Realism of soundstage and much better imaging, 3D-ness), but it is not as good as 701 on the vocal, this is indeed a sad thing but for classical music, MSPro is top-notch.





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