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Klipsch Image One II : Turned the Bass Mood On!

Klipsch Image One II has arrived in!

Klipsch Image One II has arrived in!

Thanks Charmayne Lim and Jiaxin from TC Acoustic Singapore for arranging me review sample of Klipsch Image One II (150USD).

Image One II is an entry level headphone, I will mainly focused on the audio quality this time.


Very comfortable ear pad, clamping force might be a little bit tight for some, but time heals everything.

Very comfortable ear pad, clamping force might be a little bit tight for some, but time heals everything.


Image One II is light and small, on-ear design headphone that is designed to accompany young guy (young mind users) in street. It is well built for 150USD but I will not describe it as tough (Some clicking sound if you press the headphone), anyway, I do think that a little bit of rude usage will not tearing this headphone apart. If you like the ‘vacuum’ feels you will like this, when I put on the headphone I can feel that air is being pumped out, it does not really isolating much of the noise like a noise cancelling headphone, but it is already quite good its kind.

Some audible crackling sound, no big deal though.

Some audible crackling sound, no big deal though.

It has a microphone at the flat cable which supposed to work with i-devices from apples. I am quite surprised though Klipsch is not using any right angled headphone jack for Image One II as this might prolonged the headphone life when you put your media player in pocket. However, I have noticed that headphone jack of Image One II has a tension relief mechanism, as long as you treat it the way it should be treated, it should not break down.

Audio Quality

Klipsch Image One II has been paired with Firestone Audio Fubar HD and Hisound Nova 1, and burned in for at least 80 hours.

Mic control, for ios device

Mic control, for ios device

I have to be honest that when I first received Image One II I don’t really like it, I put it aside for burning. Why? Because Image One II is obviously a headphone that designed for bass head. The bass response is boosted to a significant level, while mid is not recessed by much but I think treble has been tamed to an obvious level. I will tell you if you are searching for a headphone that you can use it to listen to Classical music, instrument and jazz (those require good treble, detail level and big soundstage), don’t even consider this headphone, but if you are looking for a headphone that can performed nicely with mainstream music, bass oriented songs and hip hop/Dubstep.

Flat cable

Flat cable

Sound signature is warm and bass/mid oriented, I think this is a good thing because combining with its trendy and cool design, this will be a good weapon for bass head on street (Also because of the light and comfortable on ear).  I have tested Image One II with Sexy back (Justin Timberlake), vocal of Justin stays clear and I have been slammed by the bass. Bass is quite big and deep, big impact with good rumbling, tight and punchy, quantity is not that ‘overly’ many like Beats Solo, but I think the bass quality of Image One II can take down the Beats Solo anytime (as my memory recalls).


So I played Shut it down (Akon & Pitbull), Say it right (Nelly Furtado) and Secrets (One Republic), while sounding a little bit too focused and narrow (Not a problem for the crowd this headphone is selling for), I really enjoyed how these type of songs played on Image One II, clarity is good and most of the time Image One II is very forgiving (It can play your 192kbps Mp3 nicely) because of the warm sound signature.

listen with passion

listen with passion

If I die young (The Band Perry) is an enjoyable song on Image One II as well. What has made Image One II like a good deal for mainstream music is because of the vocal remains clear, forward and nice (although lack in spacious and detail), I do think that people that mostly listened to mainstream music/bass centric songs will find home with Klipsch Image One II, as it is easy to drive too.

Final Thought

Klipsch Image One II

Klipsch Image One II

If you are only considered balanced and neutral headphone as a good headphone, Klipsch Image One II is obviously not a good headphone.




But here in Earmass, we honestly think that Image One II is a good headphone. I honestly think young crowd or those loving bass oriented music will love this headphone, I am not fans of this kind of music but still I recommended this headphone for those who love bass, I personally think that it performed better than the Beats Solo, which is more expensive.

5 thoughts on “Klipsch Image One II : Turned the Bass Mood On!

  1. Just to let you know, your horrible English has overpowered the review so much so that I can’t comprehend half of what you are saying with the amount of grammatical errors in your article. Tip: Learn the language well before using it to review products. Does not give the products level playing field. Also, comparing the Image One II with Beats is plain stupidity. I suggest a more in depth review. The Image One II has got good (but not overpowering) bass and nice full trebles. Only downside are the mids – quite empty.

    Biased review based a lot on personal presumptions.

    • Hi Robertson,

      Thanks for coming here and willing to leave a constructive comment. It is true that my english level is not good, I never will neglecting this fact. However, please understand that English is my sixth-seventh language that I use in my daily life, and I have no time for the English lesson.
      Between, I never biased anything and I still hold my personal point of view towards Image One II, it is my ears and my views, you can have yours and I respected that.

      Thanks and do visit here more often.


    • Robertson, although his English isn’t perfect, I think you get what he’s trying to say. To take the time to bash him when English isn’t his fifth language is rude and unnecessary. My English isn’t perfect either, so does that mean that I’m not allowed to review anything? So I can be an asshole too, let’s pick apart your rant:

      1. “amount of grammatical errors” is incorrect; it’s “number of…”
      2. “Does not give the products level playing field” is not a proper sentence
      3. It’s “in-depth” with a hyphen

      Most non-native English speakers would be embarrassed to post anything online lest someone like you would pick apart their every word – this guy was able to take your negative comments in stride.

      Tip: don’t be that guy.

    • You’re a jerk, you know that? Even if English is clearly not his first language, I didn’t have too hard of a time understanding this review, and neither should you, pal. I liked the review, so leave him alone!

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