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Thinksound TS02 – The Eco-friendly Woodie!

Thinksound TS02 arrived at Earmass!

Thinksound TS02 arrived at Earmass!

Yen from Stereo Head has sent me Thinksound TS02 for reviewing purpose, thanks for the long support bro, and he is generous enough to give me enough time.

I have heard about Thinksound long time ago, and TS02 has caught my eyes from the very first time especially the Eco-friendly mindset of  Thinksound company is really respectable.

I will focused on sound quality in review from now on.

Audio Quality


I have tested Thinksound TS02 along with iFi iDAC, iFi iUSB, JDS Labs Objective 2, JDS Labs Odac, YuLong Audio D100 II, YuLong Audio U100, Hippo Biscuit, Hippo CriCri and Stoner Acoustic UD100. TS02 has been burn in over 100 hours.

Besides TS02, I have actually also received TS01 from Stereo Head, Thinksound also sending me Rain and Ms01, so I will have a chance for doing shootout. So how is TS02 sounded?

High : High is presence, but not crisp or extended like some others. A little bit lacking.

Mids : Midrange is quite okay, however, Midrange is thin or backward than bass response, just a tiny ‘little’, no big deal.


Low : Low region is quite thick and overwhelmed on TS02. Punchy, tight and warm bass, rumble is good along with impact but lack depth (Not a big issue) and body to show its strength.


Sound Signature: TS02 is undoubtable a toward bass-tuning IEM (You will first find the bass, but upon some listening you will know it is a balanced (With some little bit of enhanced bass sounding IEM). Thinksound has marketed it as warm and balanced sound, definitely I can’t agree that this is truly a balanced sounding IEM (As the bass is somehow too noticeable and enhanced), but this is truly a warm and natural sounding IEM. TS02 sounded truly natural and bass oriented. I would really wished that Rain and MS01 is as natural or better than TS02 (They are higher range model). But sound is at least quite lively, just not the most spacious and open sounding IEM. Overall TS02 is quite laid back. TS02 is forgiving for music genre and files quality, means you can play your low bitrate MP3 files (such as those 192kbps) in your playlists with pleasant sound, good for most genre.


Soundstage and Imaging : Fairly typical that IEM provided a small soundstage, width is okay but depth is average. Imaging and positioning is good for an IEM.

Instrument Separation : Quite good, but not spectacular.

I personally enjoyed TS02 more when I listening to R&B and mainstream music, while for other music genre I will better off with a bigger headphone. Generally, TS02 give some of the warmest sound signature that I have heard. Anyway, I can say TS02 is very enjoyable, don’t worry this is not really a bass head iem, to be frank, midrange is still ice and detail. Overall clarity is good as well.

Carrying bag which is good and big enough.

Carrying bag which is good and big enough.


I have Thinksound TS01 (Old version) in hand as well at the same time, Thinksound is sending me a newer version TS01 (Along with Ms01/Rain), anyway TS01 is noticeable bassier and smaller sound. They hit different market so this is not a fair comparison.

I also have Hisound Audio Wooduo 2 in hand now, I do think that Wooduo 2 have bigger sound way proper soundstage (Especiall wider). Wooduo is a liitle bit better at other thing however for midrange, TS02 is better (Vocal is more forward and textured). Do take note that TS02 that I have in hand is older version, as far as I concerned, Thinksound always upgrading and improve their IEM for the latest batch. But do note that there is some price difference (99USD (Now 49USD at some place) for TS02 and 129USD for Wooduo 2). However, both of them are not airy enough for vocal sake.



I admitted that sometime I do think that bass of TS02 is overwhelming and a little bit of closed sounding, but I have to praise as well, TS02 do sounded natural and mature, and never stopping me from enjoying my music. For the price, they are good, but competitor somehow follow them quite hard and some do exceed them.

After some extended usage, I understand that TS02 is not a IEM that I should judge it into high, mid and bass but the overall sound signature is just stunning, and enjoyable.

Speaking of build quality and packaging, Thinksound is really generous and sincere. You will get a eco friendly packaging box, with a superb carrying bag,shirt clip and ear tips.

Anyway, I recommended to you, especially the eco-friendly spirit of Thinksound, is very respectable!

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