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Black Octagon Bos3LE and Bos4 : Revived the Last Nuance

Black Octagon Solution BOS3LE(Left) and BOS4 (Right) arrived at Earmass!

Black Octagon Solution BOS4(Left) and BOS3LE (Right) arrived at Earmass!

Black Octagon Solution has sent me the soon to be announced interconnect cable to me,the BOS3LE and a BOS4. This is another two interconnect cable from Black octagon Solution that I have chance to audit and write up a review. If you have read my review on the BOS2 interconnect cable,you should have already know that I am a fan for Black Octagon Solution in house cable.From the day I received the cable, I really do hope that both BOS3LE and BOS4 can be solid performer that outrun most of the cable company or their BOS2.

Description and Design

BOS3LE is in grey colour.

BOS4 is in grey colour.

You probably won’t be getting anything if you googled BOS3LE and BOS4,that is why I help asked Black octagon Solution’s help to write up his own description regarding both of this wonderful cable.

BOS4 is thicker than BOS2 and BOS3LE.

BOS3LE is thicker than BOS2 and BOS4.

The BOS3LE is the next in line after the BOS2 buget interconnect. The name is simple enough to interpret; BOS – Black Octagon Solutions, 3 for after the BOS2 and LE for Limited Edition as there will only be a limited run of the BOS3LE until stocks run out. From the outside the cable looks similar to the BOS2, noticeable differences include the nickel plated connectors whereas the BOS2 had gold plated connectors and the cable’s diameter is slightly bigger than the BOS2.Once again, the Black Octagon approach to cable selection and construction comes into play and shielding is the top priority here once again. smile.gif The BOS3LE utilises 100% coverage of Beldfoil® shielding. This will give some people a hint of what cable lies beneath the black flexible braided sleeving. The cables conductors are tinned copper. Tinned copper provides more durability and strength as opposed to normal wire. This tinned copper cable in twisted pair configuration and the Beldfoil® shielding all lie under a PVC jacket which in turn lies under the black sleeving.Connectors used are the Neutrik/REAN NYS231. These are made from brass and coated in nickel for excellent conductivity. There’s not a hint of gold or silver plating anywhere on this cable. Its built to be clinical and effective.A standard BOS3LE with Neutrik/REAN NYS231 connectors goes for RM65. Because this is a limited run, customers can specify what connectors they would prefer used with this cable. Choices are as follows:BOS3LE Canare F12 – RM95
BOS3LE Switchcraft 35HDBAU – RM120

Recommended connectors with this cable are the NYS231 and the F12. WBT4% Silver Solder will be used with the Canare F12 and Switchcraft 35HDBAU versions. Normal versions are put together with industrial grade solder.

— Black octagon Solution


The BOS4 is made using a starquad configuration cable (hence the name BOS4) Shielding is just as important here and the BOS4 has loads of shielding in the form of the Double Reussen configuration shielding. To quote the maker: “The use of each two conductors for high and low signal will half the signal loss and increase the Rf-rejection to 130dB in combination to our unique “double Reussen shield””.

The copper used in the conductors and shielding are made from high grade oxygen free copper. These are mated to Neutrik/REAN NYS231BG plugs on either end. The cable sits inside a grey colour flexible braided sleeve. The BOS4 goes for RM65 for a 10-15cm run. Additional length is up to the client and quotes can be provided for this.

—– Black Octagon Solution
Basically, I am really lucky to have this Limited Edition of BOS3LE.
All of them employed the braided flexible sleeve,which I really love. BOS4 has a different look,which is gray in colour and also it has a gold plug. Bos3LE is slightly thicker than BOS 2 and BOS34,just slightly though. Plug of BOS2 and BOS4 is gold plated while BOS3LE is not. Overall,none of them are beautiful but I like BOS4 design more,gray clour is my favourite colour.
Sound Change
BOS3LE and BOS4 has tested with Stoner Acoustic UD100,JDS Labs Objective 2 and Hippo CriCri headphone amp,played through Goldring DR150,Shure Se425,RHA MA350,Creative Aurvana Live!,sometime through Hippo Biscuit as well. Cable has been burnt in for at least 100 hours.
The Grey braided flexible sleeve

The Grey braided flexible sleeve

For BOS2 owners, I am really feeling hard to tell you that both of the BOS3LE and BOS4 has outperformed BOS2 in every aspect. I really love the BOS4,it is the best for me among the three,it give lively and lusher sound,best resolution and vivid sound among the three. The bass is tighter,fuller and extend better on BOS4. BOS4 made every sound came to life,revived every nuance of the sound.
BOS4 braided sleeve cable

BOS3LE braided sleeve cable

Eiii?? Why I am just talking about BOS4? BOS3LE is inferior? No, while BOS2 is already a solid performer,BOS3LE is better than BOS2,but for me,BOS4 is definitely the best,played Hotel California (Hell Freeze Over) from Eagles,prove this more. While in most arena,it is really hard for me to tell the difference,they are all good and has superb clarity and separation, but when came to overall sound signature,BOS4 is the best.
BOS4 has wider soundstage than BOS3LE as well.
Compared to Vero Cable
Vero is a beautiful cable.

Vero is a beautiful cable.

So I have this chance to borrow Vero and Goldring DR150 from my friend,I tested it and I have to said,BOS2 is already enough to outperformed the Vero,by quite a standard. You see,when I played the violin album (Vivaldi),BOS2 give me a proper and fuller violin sound,extend better as well. Vero is good from the outlook,but from the aspect of sound, sorry but no.
*Longer than Bos series anyway.
Compared to Bezo and Isimple Cable
Erm, lets not wasting our time. Bos series are better.
Compared to Generic 3.5mm cable that bundled with Hippo and Govibe amp
BOS2 is enough already to outperform them.
Compared to QED cable that came with Goldring DR150?
From left,Vero,BOS2,BOS3LE and BOS4

From left,Vero,BOS2,BOS4 and BOS3LE

I like QED cable but I am disappointed with the QED cable that came with DR150,to be fair,this is really long in the length when compared to the Bos series,but the distinction of sound is subtle,with significant less energy and too flat,soul-less.
Not a snake,BOS4 is thicker than BOS3LE.

Not a snake,BOS3LE is thicker than BOS4.

Good : Sound quality and Pricing
Bad : Ermmm..Nothing really.
Burning in with Hippo CriCri,Hippo Biscuit and Goldring DR150.

Burning in with Hippo CriCri,Hippo Biscuit and Goldring DR150.

Black Octagon Solution in house interconnect cable has never disappointed me. They are all good. BOS2,3LE and 4 is a little bit difficult to telling the difference,they all has good sound,but when I really wish to compare them,BOS4 is a clear winner here (To my ears at least). I am surprised when I played live recording through BOS4,the sound is definitely…came to life,it is surprisingly good.
They are really good,well deserved a RECOMMENDATION

They are really good,well deserved a RECOMMENDATION

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