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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro : HIT THE FUN FACTOR

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro (COP)

I have admired Beyerdynamic for a long time,not only because it is a good headphone/audio company, but its headphone for me is elegant and nice looking,what I will definitely described as high-end looking design,honestly, I just simply love Germany’s products. However, I doubt that most of the consumer will buy Beyer headphone as  its products are mostly on analytical/too clean sounding (Besides some models) or might not that suit for the music type some consumers might like, especially when people said house sound signature of Beyer is mid thin, I am thinking that this might not what will suit most of us the best. XP series IEM from Beyerdynamic do impressed me,not the sound quality( Yet, I have not encountered with them), but the way Beyerdynamic tried to create some ‘consumer grade’ product, and Beyer is not taking too long of time to create another good and fun (what I called ‘ Consumer grade’ headphone) which I will be reviewing today, the Beyerdyanamic Custom One Pro (COP), the name itself is already innovative and fun when you compared to normally just named by numbering,compared to just normally has a ‘code’,this headphone is lucky enough to have its own name,which is Custom One Pro, I will be calling it COP here.

First of all, I am glad that Song Hui from Jaben Penang sending me this item for review,thanks!


I copied the spec from Jaben website:

Transducer type : Dynamic
Norminal frequency response : 5 – 35khz
Norminal SPL : 96dB
T.H.D : <0.2%
Ambient noise attenuation : Approx. 18 dBA
Nominal headband pressure : Approx. 3.5N
Length and type of cable : 1.5m, material PVC
Operating principle : Close or Open
Norminal impedance : 16ohms
max. SPL : 116 dB
Power handling capacity : 100mW
Sound coupling to the ear : Circumaural
Weight (without cable) : 290g

By mean,it should not be difficult to drive which featured a 16OHM Driver! And I can drive it easier with my portable audio player. Currently,it priced at RM799(199USD)

Description and Packaging/Mechanism/Accessories

So what is so special on this headphone? Why are everyone craving about this headphone on the audio forum? This is not only a headphone, but theoretically you are getting four pairs of different sounding headphone along with COP,why?

When COP’s slider on the first stage,where you will get less bass.

It is because by changing the slider located on the headphone,you will change the sound of the headphone as well. By mean,you can change the sound of the headphone,from bass light to bassy.

When COP’s slider on the third stage

Forth Stage, bass monster stage

From stage 1>2>3>4,you will get noticeable sound changes. This is not only a marketing term, but I do experienced it. It is not difficult to detect the changes, it change dramatically. So what kind of changes besides bass? I will discuss this further later.

The fornt of the box, it is nice and elegant enough,white and black colour with enough details written on the box.

The packaging box is nice and high class,some might said that packaging box is not important, for sure this won’t alter any part of the sound quality of the product,but when you spent money on a item,you sure will be happier if the packaging is nice.

The side of the box,you can read the graph of each slider move

Another side of the box

Rear side of the box

What is this? I thought it is just four dimension,wait,I opened it up first

The packaging of the front after you opened it! It is not just sound you can customize,but the outlook of it as well, I love the name,suit it nicely,Custom One Pro!

Top side of the box

Innovative! Enjoy!

So what is this? this is Hex/Allen key that you can use it to open the cover of the headphone,so you can customize the headphone

Allen/Hex Key is included in the accessories,you will get a 3.5 to 6.25mm Gold plated screw type converter Jack,and two booklets (One for warranty purpose,another one is manual instruction),headphone itself. No pouch is included, but I think it is ok.

Accessories ‘tower box’

Two booklets is included in the accessories, one for warranty purpose, and another one is instruction manual. Which both inside the ‘tower box’

The Instruction manual

A 3.5 to 6.25mm Gold plated screw type converter jack Adapter is included,nice,screw type. With Jaben logo paper behind it,nice looking logo,a cute bear,hehe

As I said, it is screw type

I think it has provided more than what we have normally needed,except a pouch. It is not a big deal though.

Build Quality and Design

The build quality of it is impressive! Most made by metal,and the design for me,is handsome and matured. It is not fancy like some others, but it is good looking. I love the design and the way it feels when holding it, nice. The eaccup cannot be rotate,only can move/swivel it a bit,to suit your ear. This headphone can’t be flded as well.

Nice looking

Even with the original cover, I already think that it is really nice looking,you can customize the outlook of it if you don’t like the original design of it.

It is made in Germany,so it is already pointless for me to tell you how its build quality is, this Made In Germany tag,justify itself very nice.

You can adjust the size according to your head size,the adjustment is smooth,and nice.

Cable is rugged,although at the end there,it is not right angle jack. The cable itself,is detachable.

Detachable Jack

The pad itself is changeable as well,you can change to colour type if you like.

The headband leather, is detachable as well,you can also change to colour type.

If you want to change the cover of the COP,unscrew the allen/hex key,and you can change the cover.

Comfort/Isolation/Sound leakage

This is a Circumaural headphone, you will get pretty nice coverage to your ears, when you wear it on, you can feel the air is pumping out from your ear,created a nice comfort level and noise isolation, good.

The headband is thick and made from leather,soft and nice,comfortable and elegant.

After detach the ear cup leather

Sound leakage is unnoticeable, I can’t hear any sound when my friends test the headphone. But some had complained that,it get hot after sometime, but I do think that this problem is very minimal.

Sound Change When I Change the Slider Position

Bass quantity and bass rumble is not the only thing that you will ever noticed when you move the slider down or up,you will definitely change the:

1)Bass quantity, amount of rumbling of low body

2)Focus of sound, in higher stage,the sound is more focus,and this is another reason why music genre like dubstep, hiphop or trance is better when we move to higher stage

3)Attack and Openess/Spacious of sound, okay,for sure when you move to the higher stage,it sounded more closed,but it is not that kind of veiled level,it is still nice for the ratio of bass it produced.

4)Detail level,when in the first stage,the detail level is better,but this is hardly noticeable.

5)EQ, First stage being flat,and higher stage,more it is towards the V shape sound.

6)Rolled off of treble and weight of sound, obviously treble will rolled off earlier when I move to higher stages, and sound became more weighty.


When in first stage,you can feel the vocal is way too thin, bass is low in quantity,and if I want to say,I would describe it as Apple old white earphone, what people often said like a cup of plain water, this is just my perception, especially when I compared to the higher stages, I think that although first stage has better high, but the high is not sparkling or crisp here,it just can go up.When I switch to second stage, it sounded a bit closed,sound is more focus, bass is more in quantity,hit harder and extended better, and has good amount of rumbling already,interesting,this is just stage 2! In stage 3,the bass is now became more noticeable and more obvious,attack more and rumbling more. I am not a basshead I have to say, but I think it is absolutely good and enjoyable been attack by bass sometime! When slider is at stage 4,you will get thumping bass! The bass is really good,but if you are using something like Objective 2 (Dark amp,neutral amp),the bass won’t really be super much or just as superb as I think,but when I paired it to JDS Labs CmoyBB V2.03R,you will get wooping bass,nice and attacking nicely,bass will became harder as well,please take note that my O2 amp might not that original as those JDS Labs built one,mine is locally DIY’s amp.

16 Ohm,with or without amp?

Well, one of the biggest surprise for this big headphone is because of its JUST 16OHM, it is easily drive by my Hippo’s Biscuit,with sound level of 10 – 12 I can have good volume to listen already,when in 13 level I can get more bass note. Personally do think that a simple amp like Govibe Minibox amp can give you a bigger body bass and more power.



Well, how is the overall sound signature of  COP (Based on slider at position Stage 2)?

High : High is not bad here,you will not get sparkling high or crisp high here, it will roll off earlier than it should but not by much, extension is already good for me especially when I considered the bass performance. High is not anything special here, for most of the song I have no problem with the high performance of COP,maybe some high note vocal female singer like Whitney Houston (Especially in first stage),is not that enjoyable with this headphone.

Mid : Mid is what this headphone main flaw in my opinion. The mid is thin, just like what you have probably read. So what kind of mid you will get? Mid is thin like the sound is floating,not enough body to the vocal. no sweetness or anything, but its mid sound signature is good despite being thin.

Low : This is what COP excel! JVC’s S500 low body is good,but this COP,will give you better bass response especially the low’s body,you will get larger body bass,the bass hit deep with enough rumbling,I have nothing to comment here,its bass is fun and enjoyable,not audiophile type as it really is not hard,deep and extend enough,but the large body of the bass and the rumbling will shake your head by very much!

Instrument seperation : Lack some clear distinction between every instrument,but the instrument seperation here is good enough for most of the time,you might not get superb instrument seperation, but you will get average one,don’t worry.

Soundstage : Soundstage is good for a closed headphone, for the it play, I think this is not a important arena. Anyway, it is considered spacious enough for a closed type headphone.I will said that width is not wide,depth is average.

Sound Signature : All right, it definitely has FUN sound signature, which for me, is hardly replaceable by any headphone regardless the price range. mentioned the fun factor that Engineers have designed in this headphone, so fun,just like how it sounded. Overall,this is a naughty and fun sounding headphone.

This headphone have been burn in at least 100 hours, and pair with JDS Labs CmoyBB v2.03R(Bass boost turned off,unless stated),out from UD100 DAC, through Foobar 2000 player. ALl files format are lossless except stated.

In Da Club – 50 Cent (24 shots) – When slider sets to 3rd and 4th position.

Playing this song,you can get good bass response,the rhythm is good, turn up the volume,you can get better bass quantity. You get good,heavy impact and punchy bass,for me,it is not deep into the ground,but everything is so enjoyable,the rhythm,the song,the beats.

 Low- Flo Rida and T Pain – 3rd and 4th position (CmoyBB,bass boost turn on)

The sound is good,the bass is thumping,good impact and good attack,I love the way it slamed me,bass is round,all along with good extension and good speed, rumble here and there but is in control,impressive,especially you won’t feel any too bad or muddy vocal or another part of the sound,but it give you way more bass than it should be, I love the way COP made me feel man!

退后 – 周杰伦 (依然范特西)- 2nd position in the slider.

Everything in mid range voice out thin,not enjoyable,but not too bad.

Men in Black – Will Smith (Greatest Hits) – 4th position on the slider

When the bass slip in in the beginning of the song, I feel it I love it. So fun.

Never Gonna Be Alone – Nickelback (Dark Horse) – The slider is in 3rd position

Nickelback vocal sound nice and energizing, I am alive man.I will still heard the thin mid,the vocal has some thin and hollow feel, but it is good and didn’t made the music presentation sounded bad,nice.

Phenomenon – LL Cool J (All World 2),320kbps,3rd position in the slider

Nice,I have nothing to complain, the major factor that will make this kind of music shine is the bass,and what will make this kind of song not too bad to listen to is a average vocal, COP has the fun factor and give you enjoyable moment.


Good and Fun!

Good : FUN Sounding, customization,comfort level,noise attenuation and sound leakage is good, easily drive, energizing sound,the look is trendy and fashion,it is light considered the material and size,BASS is good

Bad : Midrange is thin and floating, detail level can be better(I have heard better in this price range),not a good performer in soundstage and spacious (Not big deal,but it won’t suit all kind of music especially classical and ballad),bass can be little loose sometime, if the bass can hit deeper.

I love this latest headphone from Beyerdynamic,for me,this is a greatly designed headphone,you can see and feel that how Beyerdynamic paying attention to the look and the sound of this headphone. I can clearly see that,every part of COP is carefully designed and engineered, the kind of luxurious.

COP can be heavily customize as well,from sound to appearance, this is a headphone that you can never felt bored of, you can change the outlook of it if you feel that you are already getting bored with the design of it, you can also change the whole colour of it(Except the black metal part ).

But the outlook is not only thing that you can customize according to your preference, if it is,then it won’t be hitting the Fun factor as much as I am loving it now.Imagine that you can customize how your headphone sounded,didn’t it cool? And now you need not to imagine, COP do let you customized just how you want it to be looked like. Although the mid sounded thin no matter what stage is the slider of COP,but all of these, cannot reduce the Fun Factor that this COP created,it is just fun,and if trendy and bass is what you are looking for, take this rugged COP in your buy list, I am sure that you won’t be regretting.

Recommended,Fun factor is what you can get along with the nice sound from COP,the price is reasonable is well!

13 thoughts on “Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro : HIT THE FUN FACTOR

  1. Generally I would agree with most of the review. These headphones are decent with certain kinds of music. The mids are slightly recessed but not terrible. Generally I keep the base ports open between 2 or 3, where the headphones sound decent. With the ports fully open, the sound starts to become very muddied. One thing I found was that the COP’s do take quite a lot of burning in to get a decent sound from them.

    I have to say that over all, whilst I thought the headphones where good, I didn’t think they where great and in some ways, I was a bit disappointed.

    One comment and I really don’t hope you take this in the wrong way. Your review is very hard to read. I don’t know if English is your first language but the review really needs to be proof read. There are a lot of grammatical errors and also some spelling mistakes.

  2. hi man, good review! Got myself a pair of these bad boys. alright, so can i plug this in with other headphone’s cables? like the ones with inline controls? thank you man.

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