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Feels Pro900 – Korean’s Entry Level Balanced Armature Earphone

Feels Pro900 Balance Armature In Ear Monitor

First of all, I sincerely thanks Song Hui( A very good guy) from Jaben Penang loan me this review unit of Feels Pro900 for doing review.

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Ever since I knew the existence of this friendly price Balance Armature in ear earphone which sit below RM200 (60USD) price tag, immediately I am more than interested and excited to review it, it is until last week that I have a chance to approach Jaben Penang to loan me a unit for doing review. Before we started this review, please take extra note that I have never encountered with BA earphone, this is my first time and this is a demo unit, so I am not going to do any burn in session(Just few hours) on this, this is a BA earphone,the burn in session won’t take long as well.

Description and Packaging

Front View of the box, the box is nice looking, not that cheap compared to its price.

Side view,It is Made in Korea!

Side view,how the earphone look like

Rear view of the Packaging box

Feels’ pro 900 is a made in Korea single Balance armature Driver in in ear monitor earphone,which Feels claimed it to be a High Definition transducer, with a 1.2mm symmetrical Y-splitter flat cable (The cable itself is quite thin,and durable,with a shirt clip on it. We will go through briefly on its basic specification which I just directly copied from its packaging box.

Frequency Range : 17-22000 HZ

Sensitivity : 110 db SPL @1kHZ,1mW

Impedance : 32 ohm

Maximum Power Imput : 20mW

At least from paper,it should not be difficult to drive type earphone especially with its high efficiency BA driver,this is always good as some might just haven’t have a headphone amplifier,it should easily drive by portable audio player and phone, and I can tell you here this is exactly the case, easily driven by my Hippo Biscuit and Ipod 4th generation (about 60 percent of the Max volume). The nearest competitor I can think of in this price range is just a few, balance armature are usually expensive technology, or manufacturer will only put this technology in higher price earphone, however, MEElectronics A151 and Soundmagic PL50, which also employed single BA driver as well.

After opening the packaging, this is how the earphone look like,the red and blue colour,which is now already appeared in quite a number of earphones,For example,Soundmagic and Hippo.

Earphone head, this is what I described as Punk-like design,interesting design. Good Job Korean!

Come and meet the red and blue baby 😀

Shirt clip,two colour of shirt clip provided,one is shown in the picture,another one is transparent clear colour.

Cable slider and Y-Splitter

This is the part where move and rotate,so called 3D flexible technology,the silicon eartip will be mounted on it.

Believe me,it will move and rotate. This is quite a creative design, no such technology yet used in its nearest competitor.

And you can unattached it from the nozzle,Feels Company will include extra pair of this ear tip holder in the box. Ear tip holder is dirty in this picture,ignore it 😛

4 pairs of silicon ear tips provided,very soft type.

Gold Plated 3.5mm straight Plug

Packaging and accessories wise, it give you what you ever really needed,4 pairs of silicon ear tips,and ear tip holder (the place where you mount your ear tips on),one piece of extra shirt clip (which allowed you to clip your earphone to your cloth) and a operation manual and product warranty booklet,there is no fancy earphone pouch or clearing tools,just simple and faithful to its price. But who will really cares for extra accessories for earphone in this price range?

Built Quality,Isolation,Comfort,Usability and Other

Built by Metal, you can be assured by its high built quality, especially when you considered the price.

Built quality is quite impressive here, justified more than its price. metal body and seems quite durable. Design is interesting too,with a punk style drill alike metal (Spike) on the earphone body, and a easy recognize right side (Red colour) or left side (Blue Colour),is easily recognize instead of seeing the ‘R’ or ‘L’ on the earphone, for me,this is a little designation that made for human. The spike on the earphone body made this earphone a cool looking earphone, however, I found that it is quite hard to put this earphone into the ears, because of its ultra tiny size, and the spike itself will exert some uncomfortable feeling to your hand,and the moving part of the earphone is keep moving, but I have to clarify that,none of this is really annoying anyway, after inserting this Pro900 into my ears for few times, I am already okay with it, and once you put it into your ears, it sit comfortably and nicely inside your ears, isolation is average and although I still can hear people talking but after I play the song,it became not that noticeable, so I think isolation is quite well for this earphone, I can’t said that the comfort level is on par with the very comfortable Ultimate Ears 350,but the comfort level is quite great.

Red and Blue,nice?

Microphonics is quite a  issue here if you wear this earphone straight,I try to jog with this earphone but instantly felt the constantly microphonic issue is quite disturbing, but once you wear it behind your ear,it is still obvious but better. The clip is great,but if you wear it straight, the clip wont help much as well, it prohibit more microphonic noise when direct compared to my Soundmagic E10 if I wear Feels Pro900 straight or even behind ears. This earphone is very tiny and light, it is quite hard to handle them with my bigger than average hand. However, good news is this earphone bring good comfort level to my ears,why?  Assume that if you are using right pair of eartip, this earphone can leave you feel stress-less and it is light in ear, unlike other heavier earphone that you can feel some pressure or weight in your ears, after some period of continous usage,will feel uncomfortable, not this case with Feels Pro900, comfort never become a issue.


The sound is clean and clear as I am expected, fairly light sound,not rich type, The bass is there,I mean good quality bass,but it is just enough (depend on your taste anyway),it won’t give you much low body as dynamic driver,but the bass for me is sufficient although sometime I do really hope that it can provide more low body sound and kick in more. If you are those who wish to hear more energetic,distort,bass oriented and powerful song,this earphone is definitely not for you. I prefer something like Soundmagic E10 when I am doing exercise or in party mood,which can give you better impact,fuller and pronounce bass, but all of these, I have to clarify that Balance Armature in ear monitor earphone is not kind of earphone that will fall in your first choice when you want to pick an earphone for listening music while doing sport activities. But this BA IEM instantly give me a transparent and clear sound when I first play my song,the sound is not that rich but it sound very,very clear. Maybe it is too clear, the sound is obviously vocal oriented and biased, you can definitely hear the instrument,but the vocal is the most obvious sound that you can heard, detail is good, it has a big sound stage for its price and earphone type, positioning is good. Midrange is full with detail, I can heard very clear and detailed vocal,the singer is not only sing it out, but you can feel the details there. I have already state clearly that if you want more bass you should not look into this earphone, so in this review, I will mainly use vocal oriented, love songs and instrumental song to test this earphone, with some minor hot song as well.

Wao..Nice looking isn’t it?

All tested files are lossless format unless stated,with ESS Sabre ES9023 DAC and Obejective 2 amplifier.

爱到无路可退 – 彭佳慧 (绝对收藏)

I have always heard people said BA driver excel in mid range and treble presentation, I am believing now. Why? Her voice are so nice with this song,Expressive,although not thick kind of vocal that I prefer, but this definitely not thin sounding, midrange,especially vocal line,has incredible amount of detail and layer, expressive,this is how love song should be heard.

Soul Embrace – Peter White (Caravan of Dreams)

The mourning of the female at the beginning of the song sounded so nice and clear (Don’t get me wrong ya). The guitar play nicely,the song is packed with detail, the music sound so nice that I am totally enjoy it, the bass is not lacking,it is there,only not being big in quantity, but bass quality is good enough. depth is not a big problem and decay quite fast. Sounded clean and clear,especially the guitar sound. Compared directly to Soundmagic E10 which I have now in my hand,E10 produce bigger sound, and soundstage is quite on par,more dynamic and the low body that loss in Pro900 can be heard now,however, it is not as transparent,as clear and natural as Pro900 sounded. Feels Pro900 sounded far more relaxed.

To love you more – Celine Dion (My Love : Ultimate Essentials)

Again,it is expressive and enjoyable, clear sound and treble sound good in this song.

The sound is nice with female vocal oriented song, nice 🙂

Thank you for loving me – Bon Jovi (Crush)

Vocal line is definitely has good detail, I can listened that tones of vocal line nicely. Not just a flat vocal that just ‘make sound’,but ‘expressive’. Anyway, I do hope that this earphone can be more energetic when the chorus slip in. Not that enjoyable compared to other songs that I tested here.

Nothing but the radio on – Dave Koz 

It sound a little bit too thin to be my liking. Instrument sound nice, vocal is great, and whatelse? It is clear!

Stick together

So now I will play some hot song on it, which I think it just can’t do it right.

Better off alone – Alice Deejay (Now 5)

Sounded too clear and silent, it is not energetic,the  electronic sound nice but the bass is seriously lacking here. Far from unlistenable,but really not suit the bill.

Good baby not so good in hot song.


Good : Clear sounding, vocal and instrument is good, cheap, built quality is good, good design,very small and comfortable,easy to drive, soundstage is average give you first or second row listening pleasure.

Bad : Not that fun sounding, have to carefully pick your portable player (For example, Hippo Biscuit give some kind of ‘hollow’ sound to it),microphonic issues, some might dislike the moving design, bass is quite lacking (especially on the impact)

Good audio quality is now easier to obtain now, compared to previously expensive price tag that will burned you a big hole in your pocket if you want to owned a good sounding audio stuff.

How is the sound overall? Sound is CLEAR. But sometime, it might be too clear that I have to said it is not really a fun sounding earphone. I can definitely hear a lot of detail here,sounds great, once I Plug this into my ear, Instantly I forgive the lacking of bass, and enjoy the vocal, however, I have to admit as well, this is not an earphone that you can shuffle the songs in your album, because it won’t play every songs well, especially the Top 40 or so. But if you are a true audiophile, you want to hear nice vocal line in the song,need a big sound staging earphone, I think this is a good earphone that will fit your bill, sound is clear and transparent, people who love it will love it, people who hate it will hate it,but not the midrange presentation, sounded quite open,and i like it, especially with its reasonable price tag. So,cheerfully, I completely recommended this earphone for you!

I recommended this Korean Entry Level Balance Armature In Ear Monitor to you, bravo Korean,I like this good sounding earphone!

One thought on “Feels Pro900 – Korean’s Entry Level Balanced Armature Earphone

  1. Well, I’m just curious knowing why these B-Armatures thingy cost like this?

    Even with this price, I still hesitate buying this because of such Reviews
    saying about the “LACK” of Bass..

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